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Recently nzgirl brought you an article on the importance of goal setting to help you take control of your life (have a read here if you missed it).

While it’s essential to set yourself goals to work towards, your mindset will have a huge impact on whether you achieve them or not. There’s a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking!

Ever hear the saying ‘There’s no such thing as can’t – only won’t’? Your attitude plays such a huge part in what you will achieve in your life. It may sound clichéd, but negative people tend to attract negative things, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. While positive people have a much better chance of achieving their goals – and are much more resilient at dealing with obstacles that pop up along the way.

Read on for some real life examples of the difference between positive and negative thinking and to get some tips to make your own thinking more positive.

Positive thinking with your career
Two recent graduates – Chloe and Rachel – are applying for the same job. They both have the same qualifications and a similar work experience background; however, Chloe is convinced she won’t get the job, while Rachel is convinced she will. Chloe’s attitude comes across as a lack of self-esteem, she mumbles her answers in the interview, doesn’t look the interviewer in the eye and sits in a defensive position. Despite being generally quite a shy person, Rachel has convinced herself she’s the best candidate for the job and her confidence comes across in the interview – she’s definite in what she says and relaxed in the interview – chances are, she’s going to get the job.
Lesson: If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will

Positive thinking with your love life
Isabel is convinced her boyfriend, Rob, is going to cheat on her. Despite the fact he’s given her no reason to suspect him, she’s always accusing him of infidelity and whenever he goes out without her or stays late at the office she assumes the worst. The problem is her clinging, accusatory attitude is pretty unattractive and it makes it hard for Rob to remember what it was that attracted him to her in the first place. Without even intending to Rob finds himself attracted to a colleague and Isabel’s fears come true. If Isabel employed positive thinking she would accept that she had a great guy and he had no reason to cheat on her, but if he did
stray then he wasn’t the one for her.
Lesson: If you don’t think you’re enough of a reason for him to
stay faithful why will he?

Positive thinking with your weight
Nikki’s doctor has told her she needs to lose weight or her health may be at risk. The problem is Nikki has convinced herself that it’s too hard to do, so she sabotages all her efforts. In her mind she’ll always be fat so she may as well have another biscuit or an extra serving of chips. Unless she ditches the negative attitude she’s never going to be able to change her ways. Nikki needs to start thinking positively – if she tells herself she can exercise four times a week and that she will fill her body with nutritious healthy food, shedding that excess weight will become a lot easier.
Lesson: You can do anything you turn your mind to, you just
have to believe it’s possible.

Transform your own thinking

  • The way you think is very sub-conscious, but to harness the power of positive thinking you need to make the process a conscious one. That means making a choice to think more positively and applying that to all you do.
  • When you’re thinking about how a situation will play out, picture a favourable outcome. Negative thinking is all about fear and “what ifs”, whereas positive thinking is about freeing yourself from fear.
  • When a negative thought slips into your mind be aware of it and replace it with a positive one… it may be a case of mind over matter for a while, until positive thinking becomes second nature, but stick with it!
  • Don’t dwell on the negatives of your current situation, but instead decide the future will bring only positive results and situations. Develop positive affirmations to further drive home this point and repeat them to yourself until you believe them!

    nzgirl Life Coach

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