Clothes Swapping

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At least once a week, I find myself opening my wardrobe, staring at its contents and then seriously contemplating calling my boss and telling him I can’t come to work because I have nothing to wear.

Also, at least once a week, I tell myself I really need to buy some more clothes, and then I remember that budget I’m trying to organise and stick to and it doesn’t involve new clothes all the time; especially when my wardrobe is full.

This is where a clothes swapping party can be a really good idea. You’ll get rid of some of the things you don’t wear, you’ll get some new things to wear, and you can have a good time with friends while you’re doing it.

Clothes swapping is not about making money for your old clothes; if you want to do that, sell them at a market or to an op shop. It’s also not about getting rid of your old and out of fashion clothes. If that’s what you’ve got, donate them to a clothing bin. Instead the idea of clothes swapping is that you swap the clothes you don’t wear anymore – for whatever reason. We all have them.

  • That shirt that you wore once and just don’t like anymore.
  • That skirt that is amazing but you don’t fit anymore.
  • That dress that you’ve worn to every wedding in the last six months.
  • That one thing that you loved in the shop and hated when you got home.

    The thing is, most of us have a couple of things like that, so iget your friends together, bring your clothes along andhave a bit of a dress up party then go home with some new-to-you things that you will actually want to wear.

    A system is needed, because although it’s not about making money, you probably don’t want to give your clothes away. Some people use buttons as currency. If you bring 2 pieces of clothing, you get 2 buttons, which means you can buy 2 pieces. Some might prefer to put a price on everything, which may well be easier – but try to remember, the idea isn’t really to make money, it’s about getting rid of good quality clothing you no longer wear, and swapping it for good quality clothing you will wear.

    With clothes swapping, you’re participating in recycling, you’re actively doing something about cleaning out your wardrobe, you’re getting new clothes, and you’re spending time with friends. All without spending truck loads of money. What a brilliant idea!

    Pania Mowat

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