Shortland Street’s Biggest Scandals

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I love a good Shortland Street scandal and over the years there have been plenty to enjoy.

Shortland Street is celebrating 15 years on air this month which led the girls in the office and I to get talking about our favourite scandalous storylines. Read on to see which plots had us totally transfixed…

From left: Robyn at Sarah’s wedding, Maia faces Jay’s betrayal, Kirsty and Lionel.

Robyn Stokes was a women obsessed when it came to Andrew (I never quite saw the attraction, but there’s no accounting for taste!). She managed to sleep with Andrew while he was recuperating in hospital after an attempted hit and run (which she had organised). This led to her getting pregnant and she turned up at Andrew’s wedding to Sarah Potts just after he said “I Do” to announce she was having his twins. The two ended up together and moved to the UK.

Jay and Maia’s civil union on Valentine’s Day 2006 was a soap opera first, but the marriage wasn’t set to last a year. Jay cheated on her civil union partner, Maia with a man, her boss, Dylan Preston. Dylan subsequently sent a video of them having sex to Maia who was absolutely distraught and ended up throwing her out. Despite attempts at reconciliation the pair couldn’t make a go of it.

Going back a few years, Kirsty Knight’s love for the very sweet Lionel Skeggins was matched by her attraction to bad boy Greg Feeney. A bump on the head led to her mistakenly thinking she was still seeing her ex-lover Greg, much to husband Lionel’s distress. Bitterly scorned when Lionel fell into Grace Kwan’s arms, she wanted to take revenge on him, but was held in check by her love which remained strong. Their marriage wouldn’t make it though and Kirsty eventually left on the arm of Damien Neilson.

Rangi Heremaia and Donna Heke were lovers but accidentally found out that they might be half siblings when Donna’s dad came into the clinic for treatment and got some blood tests. They later found out there had been a mistake and they were actually not related which ended in them wedding. Of course, they didn’t live happily ever after. When Rangi turned up dead, Donna discovered he’d been leading a double life and had been killed by the husband of his mistress.

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