Shortland St Hussies & Playboys

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Do you remember tuning in for the first ever episode of Shortland Street, where the infamous “You’re not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata” line was delivered and Chris was sprung in a compromising position with Suzy Aitken?

It’s hard to believe Shortland Street has been going for 15 years! I took a trip down memory lane to research the hussies and playboys who have made the show so great.

Of course this is just a tiny selection of the more, um… promiscuous characters  who have graced the Shortland Street set over the last 15 years. Make sure you click here to name your favourite and enter our competition for a weekend of living it up like a star.

Biggest Hussies

Left to Right: Rachel McKenna, Claire Solomon, Carla Crozier

Who could forget the brilliant Rachel McKenna? Rachel first appeared on Shortland Street as the wild teenager who tried to crack on to everyone in sight. She later ended up in bed and married her friend Nick to aid a student loan scam, much to Waverley’s disgust. Others on the long list of men she bedded include Rangi Heremaia, Chris Warner, Frank Malone and psycho Jack Hewitt.

Claire Solomon may be a youngster but that girl has sure got around. We first met her when she arrived fresh from a London boarding school. She started her stint off with her junkie boyfriend before later cracking onto Jake Valentine. She then went on to seduce Jake’s best friend, Noah in a spa pool. She also threw herself at Mark Weston in his sex addict days before later shacking up with good boy Baxter. She’s much more interesting since Baxter dumped her and her latest conquest is the shady Kieran Mitchell.

Carla Crozier is a blast from the past. Sister of much loved Nurse Ellen Crozier, Carla was one craaaazy lady. After getting drunk and enraging a truck driver who raped her, scheming Carla managed to persuade him to kill himself by driving his truck into the clinic, which lead to the death of Carmen Roberts. She then bludgeoned her husband, Bernie Leach, to death with a candle stick, before attempting to commit suicide which saw her admitted to a psychiatric facility. It was there that Carla attempted to kill Ellen when she visited her.

Biggest Playboys

Left to Right: Chris Warner, Mark Weston, Dominic Thompson

Of course Chris Warner has to top this list, he ain’t called Dr of Love for nothing! He’s been involved with many women over the 15 years including flings with Jill Scott, Meredith and Rachel McKenna. He shacked up with Donna after the death of Rangi, left Alison Raynor at the altar and wed Tiffany Pratt who he later split with. He’s currently married to Toni and has cheated on her with Greta and Justine Jones.

A more recent contender for this title is Mark Weston. The sex addict jeopardised his relationship with Tania when he constantly cheated on her. He slept with women over and over and eventually had to seek professional help to stop his antics. Other conquests included Li Mei, Alice and Claire not to mention his long held, but unrequited feelings for Tania’s sister, Maia.

Toni’s brother Dominic Thompson is a fine example of a scumbag. During his reign-of-terror Dom conned Chris into believing they were half-brothers, framed Victor Kahu for Geoff Greenlaw’s murder, drowned PA Avril Luchich in the bathtub, framed Avril’s twin sister for fraud, and stole Chris Warner’s money and identity before attempting to kill him in a murder-suicide. He slept with a number of women, including his creepy affair with the barely legal Delphi Greenlaw. Luckily he confessed all, before dying from burn injuries he received in an explosion.

Honourable Mention

Left to Right: Toni Warner, Johnny Marinovich, Kieran Mitchell, Donna Heke

Hussies: Donna Heke (sure she was likeable, but her list of bonk-buddies reads like a who’s who of the cast), Toni Warner (before she got married Toni was a party girl, who wasn’t even sure who the father of her baby was to begin with) and Nurse Anne Greenlaw (she may have played sweet and innocent, but marrying Victor then falling for his son is fine hussy behaviour).

Playboys: Johnny Marinovich (with his exotic looks and smooth charm, he sure got around!), Rangi Heremaia (this man had affairs and kids all over the place) and Kieran Mitchell (he may be new, but he’s already got busy adding notches to his belt).

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