How to make a fabric bead necklace

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Noticed that great fabric necklace at Zambesi? Saw the price tag and ran away clutching your wallet?

Or saw the latest photos of Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate with their strands of chunky beads?

Never fear, with just a bag of marbles and a long scarf (silk feels best!) you can make your own fabric necklace.

These are so in right now, big and bold beads make for a great “boho, nautical, shabby chic, mod” accessory…

Step 1: Take a long scarf, preferably a thin one made from chiffon or silk as these are easier to tie knots (a 90cm scarf usually ends up being 65-75cm long). Tie a knot about 10cm into the scarf. This creates a little pocket next to the knot where the marble can sit.

Step 2: Wrap the marble in the material, smooth the fabric around the marble, pull tight and twist then finish off by tying a knot.

Step 3: Keep repeating this until you have a desired length and number of marbles. Then end with a final knot.

Step 4:
Voila… you’ve got yourself this nifty, textured and brightly (or not) coloured necklace. 

With Christmas fast approaching these necklaces make a great (not to mention affordable present), especially if you raid your local op shop for fantastic vintage scarves.

Plus, if you don’t have a scarf you can take a non-fraying material and simply cut a strip from it to use.



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