Training for a Duathlon

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Want a goal to work for as you get into your summer fitness? Hate the idea of having to get into your togs in front of hundreds of people for a triathlon?

This year the SPARC REAL Duathlon Series kicks off around the country and is designed by women for women. Previously known as the Kellogg Duathlon series, the same organisers will be making sure this year’s event is not to be missed.

Interested? We thought we’d give you a run down on the basic things you need to know so you have all the tools to get going…

What exactly is a duathlon?
A duathlon combines the two disciplines of cycling and running in the order of run / cycle / run. Or, in the case of the REAL Duathlon walk / cycle / walk. It’s a great way to get fit and get in shape! It’s accessible to everyone as you have the choice of participating as an individual, a two-person team of cyclist and runner
 or a three-person team completing one leg each.

What kind of fitness will I need?
If you can walk around a shopping mall for a few hours, you can do the REAL Duathlon! Like anything of any value though, it is best to do some training and make a commitment to it. Work toward two to three bike rides and two to three walk/runs per week over either four, eight or 12 weeks. A complimentary training programme designed by the series coach is tailor-made for the beginner, developer and really keen individual. Each is based on tried and true ways to help you get fit. Click here to check it out.

What are the distances?
They are a 3.5km run/walk, 10km cycle and a 1.5km run/walk to finish.

Who can enter?
The SPARC REAL Duathlon Series is open to all women – size or shape does not matter. However, there are some rules around minimum age. You must be at least 14 and need permission from your parent or guardian if you are under 18. Entries close WEDNESDAY of the week of your event or earlier if the event has reached its capacity..

Where are the events being held?
The REAL Duathlons take place in Orewa, Christchurch, Queenstown, Taupo, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Wellington.

How much does it cost?
Entry fees for the 2007 REAL Women’s Duathlon are:
Individual: $50.00
2 Person Team: $80.00
3 Person Team: $100.00

What should I eat the day of the race?
Breakfast on the day of the race should restore blood glucose, take care of hunger and leave you feeling ready to race. Choose a cereal you have used regularly in training and serve with a banana or other fruit and low fat milk.

Consuming adequate fluid is important (use a sports drink). A sports drink is more important if you are nervous and have butterflies in your stomach and do not feel like eating much in the way of solid food as it will provide some energy and fluid.

You may also find a low fat smoothie consumed two hour before helps to settle nerves as well as provide fluid and carbohydrates for the race ahead.

Make sure you have practiced your race day breakfast as part of your training so there are no unexpected surprises. Once you get to the start line relax and enjoy your race as all the hard work is done and now it’s time for fun.

Where do I go to find out more?
Head to the REAL Duathlon website for all the info you need.


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