How to calm your nerves

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Aghhhhh! The day has come and you can’t put it off any longer, you have to do it and you’re so nervous about it.

Everyone has said that you will be fine and you’re like – yeah right! What would they know they aren’t me; they don’t have to do this.

Sound familiar? Know anyone who has ever been nervous about something they have had to do or say? Maybe it’s you? It could be something like asking for a pay rise, breaking up with your boyfriend, standing up in front of a crowd, getting in the lift. You get the gist right? It’s those moments in your life where you are so nervous you can’t think straight.

I know what it’s like when I get nervous about things. Whether it’s for the big things or the little things in life you still want to know how to calm your nerves down don’t you? I mean it would be really useful to have it sorted before you had to go through with it.

I will let you in on the secret that works for me. They say that public speaking is one of the scariest and stressful things, one of people’s biggest fears. Last year I had to present to over 400 hundred people about a topic that was pretty intense (wealth creation).

That’s a lot of people – 800 eyes eyeballing me. Like dogs they could smell fear so I had to pull out all the stops to calm my nerves.

Here’s what to do. First thing to do is to take a deep breath and suck in a lot of oxygen. Put your head back too that helps heaps.

Visualise yourself doing whatever it is you have to do – see yourself being really successful and pulling it off brilliantly. Whilst you’re imagining it make it a really bright and colourful picture with lots of sounds to back it up and make sure you feel really great inside when doing this. Like your favourite movie repeat it over and over again just how you expect it to be.

If you find yourself imagining bumming out and failing, turn those images you are playing in your mind into an old black and white movie with no sound and imagine you are watching it on a tiny old tv miles away that you can hardly see it. Your negative thoughts will disappear quickly.

Nerves can be a good thing to get your adrenalin going, if it’s more than nerves talk to someone about it so you can enjoy more in life.


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