Top Five Songs To Boost Your Confidence

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Every now and again we all need a bit of a confidence boost. Whether you’ve had a bad day or you’re heading into town to shake your booty, here’s five songs you can’t look past to stroke your ego and pick you up.

1: Can’t Touch This, MC Hammer: It’s a classic and you can’t go past this song for some kick arse confidence. Because you’re so hot you can’t touch this baby!

2: I’m Too Sexy, Right Said Fred: Need I say more?

3: Can’t Hold Us Down, Christina and L’il Kim: Girl power, confidence and a take-that attitude, this song puts the boys in their place. Believe it or not there are some wise words in there from good ol’ Christina (“Take a deep breath and say it loud never can, never will can’t hold us down”) a few funny ones (“Must talk so big to make up for small lil things”) and overall a gut cleansing dose of confidence.

4: Bootylicious, Destiny’s Child: This song reminds you how you’re all that and a bag of chips. There’s something liberating about singing (or screaming) out loud “I don’t think you can handle this!” as well as reminding yourself and the world that your body is toooo bootilicioius.

5: Don’t Cha, Pussy Cat Dolls: Confidence bordering on cockiness this song has the ability to up the anti. “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me…”. It’s good to dance to, a little bit superficial, but a good ego stroke all the same.


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