How to Throw a Hen’s Night

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In the old rhyme, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” there is something greatly amiss.

Somewhere between the love and marriage is an all important night, a night where all the girls get together and do what girls do best, a night full of entertainment, a night devoted to pampering and more importantly embarrassing the bride, a night of wild fun aka the almighty hen’s night.

There are some important things to remember when organising a hen’s night. As the chosen maid of honour it hereby becomes your responsibility to throw this party and give your friend a night she won’t forget – for the right reasons.

With this in mind, the first step is to do some investigation. Find out (subtly if possible) what the bride is wanting from her hen’s night. From the traditional booze up to a weekend full of pampering, the options are endless…

High spirited times and wild nights
If your friend/bride is a bit of a party girl she might expect something a little wild for her last night of independence.

  • You could build up to a huge night in town with makeovers, pampering and maybe even a photo-shoot during the day. Indulge in some fine cuisine, either at someone’s house or go out for dinner. Play your favourite girly songs and wash it all down with some bubbly or maybe even a few shots.
  • Head to your favourite clubs or places you’ve always wanted to go, the swankier the better. Nothing’s more fun than dancing the night away with your girls and with crowds of people you’re bound to get the attention you deserve (as well as a lot of people to potentially embarrass the bride-to-be in front of). You could plan it so she has a mission to complete in every place you go.
  • For an evening of drinking and class, as well as an excuse to break out a pretty dress hold a cocktail party. You could hire a barman or get your hands on a cocktail book and make them yourself (best to try them out before the night though).
  • Have a theme night i.e. a Hispanic night. Hire a dance instructor and learn to salsa! You may need to entice some boys along for this one so a combined hen and stag do could work here – otherwise just take turns with the sexy dance teacher! Along with salsa goes tequila and sangria to get the party started.
  • For something a little kinkier try a sex toy party. Many adult stores will cater for this type of evening or try the party planning section in your Yellow Pages. Set the mood with candles and let the fun begin! As happens with many a hen party, you could spice it up even more by getting in a stripper (it is one of the few times you can justify it after all). Nothing gets a room full of girls going like a hot, sexy guy taking his clothes off.

    And something a bit more classy

  • Not everyone wants to be bombarded with an oiled up stripper so for something with a bit more class forgo the pub crawl and spend the day perusing around some wineries. Girls and chardonnay go together like cheese and crackers so arrange a sober driver and head off for a day with a bit more culture. Take it a step further and hire a car to escort you and the girls around. Driver inclusive, it means you can all get into the spirit of things and enjoy a bottle (or two) as you cruise around the countryside.
  • Why not extend the hen’s night over the whole weekend? Leave the world behind and travel away for a weekend of luxury and if the mood strikes a bit of partying too. Head off to a spa and pamper yourselves silly. Fill the weekend with fine food, fine wine and of course it goes with out saying, great company. If this all sounds a bit costly adopt the DIY attitude and head down to your local pharmacy and buy some of your own products – face masks, body treatments and nail care products.
  • Step things up a notch and go sailing or cruising around the harbour. Charter a yacht with a skipper (and maybe a chef) for a day or two or embark on a cruise around the harbour for the night. This one’s something a little special and different from just hitting the clubs but still sets the scene for some good party times as well as an excuse to get dressed up.
  • Hire a limo and head around some nice restaurants for different parts of your meal. Go to one place for dinner, one for dessert and so on. Hit them up in style and act like you’re famous for the night.
  • Why go out when you can stay in? If you don’t want to battle with the crowds hire a chef and have your own private dinner party. For added points a hot, Italian chef is always good.

    It’s best to hold a hen’s night a couple of weeks before the big day so everyone has a bit of time to recover if it’s a hard night.

    A great hen’s night comes down to personal taste. Don’t get so caught up in the festivities that you forget what the bride-to-be would really want.

    Raunchy, kinky, classy or luxurious remember first comes love, then comes the hen’s night.


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