The Truth about 2006

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Dear nzgirls,

Here’s the truth you’ve been waiting for….

Over the past year I’ve been privy to some really childlike behaviour, and not just my own. I’ve seen some ‘professional’ people act like school children, all in the name of being a sore loser.

You see, over the past two years we’ve pulled off some rather outrageous stunts. We’ve flown a plane over the Big Day Out saying, “Scott Kelly has a small dick”, we’ve run a Worst Boyfriend in NZ competition (which resulted in a “Josh Short likes it with a strap on” plane being flown) and then we smashed up a ‘cheating boyfriend’s’ car. You girls reacted brilliantly and came to the site in droves and we cleaned up quite a few industry related awards for it, much to the disgust of quite a few old men.

So this year, well, we felt the pressure to really out-do ourselves. Make it bigger and better than any year, but not just do something like ‘fly a plane’ again. Except, most of the things we kept thinking of were pretty damn out there and to be honest, who’s liability insurance would cover that anyway? Definitely not mine.

We then thought about how this is a country where everybody gossips (look at the celebrity drug scandal). We love to spread rumours, we love to be in the know, and we love to be the first to tell everyone what’s going on. And more than anything else, we love to bring people down a peg or two if they seem to be getting a little ‘ahead’ of their station. So all that in mind, we thought that we could instead conduct a social experiment and see how people react in adverse marketing situations. You could even call it anti-marketing.

We decided to do the non-stunt. We did nothing. Seriously, nothing at all.

But…we did tell a few key people that we had flown a helicopter over the Big Day Out with a naked guy hanging underneath it. Unfortunately, the guy had slipped and fell about 5ft to the ground. He wasn’t badly hurt, just lost a testicle (we never thought you’d believe that part). And, well, this is what happened…check out the clip:

nzgirl response:

So you can see that this has gone pretty far and wide and we’ve created a fair amount of controversy.

We definitely never wanted to cause any trouble or waste any official time with this campaign, this was discussed in detail at the planning stage and we have been very clear with the Civil Aviation Authority that it never happened. The CAA didn’t believe us that we didn’t do anything wrong, because the media KEPT ringing them. Some journalists were just not willing to believe the facts in front of them – that no one saw the helicopter, no one saw the naked man, no one saw the accident, no one saw the injury, there was no air traffic control report, there was no helicopter hired, there was no stunt. Yet, they kept ringing the CAA back. Talk about a dog with a bone.

Boys were DELIGHTED to see us fall. We had posts and emails from guys (mostly in the ad industry too!) saying to us that it was about time we got it where they’ve been feeling it most for the last few years. Boys take revenge! When they started to deliver personal attacks (like the size of my vagina – as a dig back from Scott Kelly) and made general remarks about my weight, I knew we’d touched a nerve. Nothing like taking a whole bunch of people who have been waiting with bated breath for nzgirl to fall and then deliver it to them on a plate. Or so they thought… It didn’t take much convincing; they made up their own version of events (“didn’t you hear, the guy nearly died!!”) What a pack of gossips, the boys couldn’t WAIT to tell anyone who would listen to them. And then, exactly how annoyed do you think they were when they found out that they helped build the size of the campaign? That every time they opened their mouths or posted on a forum they were making it bigger.

And what’s the suitable reaction to being sucked in? Bitch. Moan. Slag it off. Tell everyone how much it sucked.

Ah, but so many of YOU smart girls worked it out – you knew that we wouldn’t ever do that. As if! It’s just not nzgirl’s style. Smart thinkers, you lot.

So the moral of the story is, don’t mess with nzgirl’s. And as someone else pointed out, just wait until 2007…maybe it will be a snuff movie.

Love the nzgirl team.

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