Party Eye Makeup

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A sparkle to the eye or a sultry smokey glimmer gives a lift to any outfit. With glamorous eyes so easy to achieve and a quick way to move from day to night, it’s no wonder this is the choice of many for the party season.

nzgirl shows you how to recreate these luxurious glam eye looks so that you look hot all summer long.

A Little Sparkle
Shimmer adds a girlish glint of sparkling shine and unlike glitter or ultra sparkly eye-shadows, it’s virtually impossible to get wrong. A favourite look for Jennifer Lopez, sparkly eyes are a great choice for any glamorous party and so easy to apply.

1 – Using a matt cream eye shadow or foundation (in your skin tone), prime the eye on the lower lid to just above the crease. Applying a thin layer will hold your shimmer powder in place all night.

2 – Select a colour to match your shimmer powder. One of the hottest colours this season is light blue which looks great on all skin types. Using a slightly damp sponge applicator, apply cream eye-shadow on the lower lid of the eye to just above the crease.

3 – Using a dry sponge applicator, apply a dusting of shimmer powder from the inside corner of the eye working out to the outside corner.

4 – Line the eye using a damp liner brush and shimmer powder. Coat lashes with clear mascara to thicken the lashes and frame the eye. Finish the look with nude lip gloss and clear fresh skin.

Lush Looks
A favourite of stars like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Simpson, luscious and dramatic eyelashes frame the eye and draw attention to the face. This look is so simple to achieve that it can easily be done in the bathroom after work before dashing off to a party.

1- Apply a grey, charcoal or brown eye-shadow powder onto the lid of the eye to just over the crease.

2 – Using a slightly darker tone, apply eye-shadow from the inside of the eye to the outside, along the upper lash line. If its looking too dark opt for an eye-shadow with a hint of shimmer as the light reflecting off will give the colour a lighter look.

3 – Using a wide mascara wand, start to brush at the very root of the top eyelashes. Move the applicator back and forward slightly to make sure you have coated the root with mascara before flicking up towards the top of the eyelash. This will give volume at the base of the eyelashes and length at the top. Then repeat this step again to create thick and full lashes.

4 – Using a soft black eyeliner pencil, line the lower lid from the inside out. Using a slightly damp q -tip smudge the eyeliner along the lash line. Add a spot of white shimmer powder to the very inner corner to open the eye and give it a fresh look. Finish the look with a berry toned lip gloss.

Don’t Forget to Remove It!
No one wants morning-after panda eyes and mascara stained pillowcases, so if you’re planning to trial one of these hot makeup looks make sure you can take it off before you hit the sack. We love the new Johnson’s Refreshingly Soft Gentle Eye Make Up Removal Pads. These soft, non-greasy wonder tools lift of all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara, so you wake up with fresh clean eyes! We’ve got five packs to giveaway. Click here to get yourself in the draw.

Anya Merryfield

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