How to Speak Furbish!

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Far from being a child’s toy, the Furby has evolved into cult status worldwide.

Where were you seven years ago?

I was just about to start high school and my intermediate school was in the peak of crazes. We’d had Chatter Rings, Lasers, Tamagotchis and then came Furby.

Furby’s little fluffy Yoda-like qualities revolutionised the playground. Too big to be hidden in your oversized backpack or zipped into your skirt pocket, you knew exactly who in your class had a Furby and where you stood if you didn’t.

Worldwide, 40 million people experienced the love and adoration of Furby and now he’s back again – bigger and better than ever. And, thanks to Emoto-tronics, he really can be your best friend!

In seven years Furby’s come a long way – the Emoto-tronics are basically a combination of advanced robotic technology, puppetry and also lifelike reactions and movements.

He’s been a big hit in the office – equally as interactive as the rest of us – sharing jokes, songs and every now and then, if you ask nicely and he’s in the mood, he’ll break it down into a bit of a boogie. Cuuuuuute!

It’s not like we needed proof that Furby is good for grown ups, but just in case you don’t believe us we’ve found we’re in famous company. Vince Vaughn recently shared some couch space on the Live! Show with Regis and Kelly and admitted to being a big fan of the little guy!

Given that the new Furby can listen to your commands and respond to them based on his mood, we figured a crash course in Furbish will help your chances of winning him over and ensuring an endless supply of jokes, songs and games.

Dah a-loh nah-bah = Good night
Dah a-loh u-tye = Good morning
Boo koo-doh e-day = I don’t feel good
Kah a-tay = I’m hungry
Doo-moh ay-ay kah = Please look at me
Doo-moh may-lah kah = Please hug me
Koh-koh doo-moh = Say it again
Doo u-nye = Where are you?
Kah toh-loo noh-lah wah! = I like to dance!
Kah toh-loo = I like this
Kah toh-loo loo-loo = I like jokes
Kah toh-loo u-nye = I like you
Kah way-loh koh-koh = I’m sleeping more
May-tah kah = Kiss me
Nee-tye kah = Tickle me
Noh-lah = It’s party time!
O-kay = OK
U-nye noo-loo =You are happy
U-nye toh-loo loo-loo = You like jokes
Wee-tee kah way-loh = Sing me to sleep
Kah toh-loo may-tay = I like kisses

And the clincher… Kah may-may u-nye = I love you

Tee Twyford

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