Road Test: Durex Play Vibrations

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Well, well – who could have guessed that an innocent-looking, transparent, plastic ring could bring so much pleasure?

I’ll tell you what though, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a diamond ring, I’d rather plonk down the $11 or so for this wee puppy.

It vibrates like a little trouper, hits all the right spots and won’t make my credit card weep. Name me one Tiffany’s ring that can do any or all of those.

The wonderful thing about the Durex Play Vibrations is that you can use it with or without a condom. Most vibrating rings are too harsh on certain sensitive parts of the body to go without, but this one’s gentle enough that you can slip it on naked and won’t feel sore afterwards.

Of course, condoms should be used unless you’ve both been tested, and using an interesting textured one from the many in the Durex range could make for a very good (and tiring) night.

I picked a rainy night to initiate the Road Test and whisper in the Boy’s ear ‘let’s have sex’. Faster than the lightning outside, the spot next to me was deserted and somewhere in the house a bedroom door banged open. I took that as a ‘yes’.

Packet in hand (which is a very girl-friendly pink and silver), I joined the boy and presented him with the little gift of love.

It was easy to use – just pull the little tab to the side and the thing starts vibrating.

I’d recommend putting it on when the lad is semi-aroused, rather than ‘full strength’. Of course, this will differ with technique, and maybe we were just way too eager to get to the kinky part.

Do bear in mind that you shouldn’t pull the tab until you have it on (it definitely makes it much harder to put on if it’s wiggling about) and you’ll also want to make the most of the 20 minute pleasure time!

We didn’t set a clock by it (the boy swears it was at least 20 minutes…), but it did hum for a very nice amount of time and the sensation is something you have to experience for yourself.

Vibrators are nice things to have, but they do dehumanise the experience somewhat, and having this thing on your boy is like having the best of both worlds. Hint: it actually feels really good if the girl’s on top too.

Next time you want a bit of weekend fun, head to a beach house, pack a couple of the rings in your bag and get ready to experiment.

I only got one to review, but if any of you kind girls love me enough, you’re welcome to donate me more c/o nzgirl (P O Box 911136, Auckland Mail Centre).

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