5 Ways to Save a Bundle on Electricity This Christmas

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American consumers use a lot of electricity, and one time of the year when they use even more electricity than normal is during the Christmas holiday season. Statistics published by Phys.org state that Christmas lights consume 6.63 billion kilowatt hours in the United States during the holidays. That’s more electricity than countries like El Salvador and Ethiopia consume in a single year.


This massive electricity use of course also equates to massive electricity bills. However, you can avoid these massive bills by taking certain steps that could lower your electricity use each Christmas. This will help to lower your impact on the environment and the impact on your pocketbook as well.


Use Light Timers

One really simple way to curb your electric bill during the Christmas season is to simply limit the time your Christmas lights are turned on. Obviously, having them on during the day is completely pointless. Similarly, running them when the entire neighborhood is asleep makes about as much sense. Really, you should only be running your lights for six hours after dusk. Thankfully, you won’t have to turn them on and off by hand. You can simply purchase a timer for your Christmas lights and program the timer to only run them when they’ll be noticed.


Switch to LED Bulbs

Traditional Christmas lights use incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs use up a lot of electricity. They also tend to burn out quickly due to design flaws that force them to run very hot. Thus, with incandescent Christmas lights, you’ll be paying a lot to run them and a decent amount to replace burned out bulbs on a regular basis.


One easy way to avoid these issues is to recycle your old lights and invest in newer, more energy efficient LED Christmas lights. The US Department of Energy reports that LED lights can use 25 to 80 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs. They can last three to five times longer as well.


Choose an Energy Efficient Tree

Your Christmas tree can also eat up a lot of energy. You, of course, will want to deck your tree out with lights as well. Without lights, a Christmas tree is rather boring. Thankfully, you have choices that can lower your tree’s energy consumption. Consider purchasing a skinny artificial Christmas tree. Skinnier trees take up much less space in your home. As such, they require far less Christmas lights. You can also purchase a skinny artificial tree with LED Christmas lights already installed on its branches. This can save you a lot of effort and a decent amount of electricity. You can also use it year after year since it’s an artificial tree, which will save you, even more, money in the long run.


Buy a Christmas Light Projector

Christmas lights use a lot of electricity. They are also a hassle to install and uninstall your house each year. Thankfully, there are no decent alternatives on the market. Instead of buying and hanging lights, you could purchase a Christmas light projector instead.


This device works similarly to a movie projector. However, instead of projecting a movie onto a screen, it projects festive displays of colors and shapes onto a house. The displays can be much more intricate and animated than regular Christmas light displays can be. Better yet, a Christmas light projector barely uses any electricity compared to what the many strings of Christmas lights required to decorate a house would use.


Choose Fiber Optic Decorations

Another energy efficient alternative to traditional Christmas lights is using fiber optic decorations. Fiber optic decorations are much more energy efficient because they usually only require a single bulb. The light travels up from the bulb at the base of the decoration and lights each connected fiber. If the bulb changes color, so do all the fibers in the decoration.


Overall, Christmas is the time to celebrate with bright and festive decorations. In fact, Forbes reports that Americans spend $6 billion a year on Christmas decorations. However, there are energy efficient alternatives to choose from for your Christmas light displays. These alternatives can help the environment and save you a good deal on your electric bills as well.


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