Dealing with a bitch

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No matter how old we get, we will always come up against people we don’t get on with. It’s just a given, a fact of life.

We can’t expect to get along with everyone (although sometimes it’s hard to admit this) and we just have to accept that. There are, however, others you will come up against who are just plain mean.

They are not just mean, they are nasty. So nasty, in fact, that we could call them bullies. Or, since we’re all adults here, we could call them bitches. These women go around making our lives a complete misery.

They may have taken an instant dislike to us, without cause, and it is difficult to understand why. What is it that we’ve done to make these people dislike us so much?

The fact is there will never be any real answers. These people, while perhaps not inherently evil (or maybe they are), do have something very wrong with them. It’s called ego. These people think they are somehow better than the rest of us and they have very little means by which to base their claims.

Some think they are more attractive, some think they are more intelligent, some think they are more spiritually aware but most of the time this stuff isn’t justified and, more often than not, is completely untrue.

These women tend to gossip about you to your colleagues, they tend to lie behind your back. Unfortunately it takes a little while for you to figure out it is in fact this person who is the cause of odd looks from your workmates. Sometimes the bitchiness, if taken to the extreme, can destroy a person’s life, even lead them to death.

In my life I’ve had to cope with more than my fair share of bitches. And the following are tips from some of the experts as to how to deal with them.

Ways to handle a bitch:

  • Confront them: Like most situations, confronting someone about what their problem is, is the best way to deal with them. These people have deep-seeded internal problems and they tend to run from them, so cornering them is probably the best way to handle it. However, don’t get all aggressive on it – the best way to handle people like this is to approach the situation calmly and coolly.
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer: Just be nice. Instead of focussing on why these evil people are trying to destroy you, understand it’s not what you’ve done, it’s who they are. Some people are passionate about fashion, others about art, and others are passionate about making people’s lives unbearable. But can you kill someone with kindness? You can always try.
  • Talk to the people who she is gossiping with: Figure out what it is the bitch has been saying to these people, and make sure they are aware of the situation so they don’t take it too seriously. You will probably find though that she has already been uncovered as the hater that she is and no one really listens to her anyway.
  • Feel sorry for her: It’s difficult to get angry with people when you pity them. And why should you feel sorry for her? Because her life is so miserable that she needs to make yours equally as difficult.

    Remember, your words are just as powerful as hers. The reason a bitch has so much power is because she’s a good communicator. A wicked wordsmith if you will. By trying to talk things through with her you may get to the root of the problem and from there come to an amicable solution.

    But the best thing to do when faced with one of these horrible beings is to surround yourself with all the people that make you feel good and special, like the person you know you are.


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