Jonathan faces 2002

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Hello again…. I, as hoped am still around and maybe a little more intoxicated since the last time I wrote to you all. Happy New Year and all that jazz. I hope you wholesale jerseys weren’t arrested or vomiting on the big night (those are the ultimate killers of any potential good night).

Each day of last week really begun quite early, I’m talking 6-7am. This sort of schedule is foreign to my body and my friends have noticed adverse affects when I have become rather drunk in the latter parts of each day. I am use to rising at 12pm – tiredness with alcohol is not Day a good mix for anyone.

But I have had such an awesome time over the Christmas/New Year period with copious Important amounts of alcohol and a seriously fulfilling experience with a new young lady in my life. See there is someone who I really, really like. One problem, she doesn’t believe me that I like her (or for the right reasons anyway) and she also loves another person. But, I won’t give up on this one…. Not until she tells me to get lost anyway. Despite all the cheap jerseys confusion the friction is, in my opinion fairly minimal. I’ll let you know how I get on. Maybe. Girls always wholesale nba jerseys ask “why do you like me?” – it’s a question which wholesale mlb jerseys I don’t always know how to answer. What is it with girls always wanting reaffirming of the truth?

I was recently given a pile of Vodafone’s new alerts that you can put on your mobile. How it works is that you can have sent to you each day ??? a range of ring tones, tattoos, jokes and heaps of Sunday other commercialised stuff. Anyway, merk I have just been sent the pick up line of the day: The fact that I’m missing my teeth just means there is more room for my tongue.

That I thought was just senseless, no one would be turned on by that would they? – So I’m not to impressed with Vodafone’s failed attempt to be funny. Come on Telecom, challenge your brother. And the word of the day was: Funambulist – which means a tightrope walker.

On New Year’s Eve as planned I went into Auckland City with my friends. The trouble started before we barely got out of my driveway when the taxi driver started swearing and threatening us. Then, we got to our destination he wanted us to pay…guess what, no one had cash. When we told him we would need to get cash out from the ATM he was swearing once again. The tension built up and in the end he stole my friend Adam’s drink. That was that.

The night progressed, wholesale mlb jerseys the people got wholesale nfl jerseys louder, the bank balance decreased and the night came to a close. I had a majestic time on the dance floor making a fool of myself, something I am prone to doing frequently. One of the most annoying parts of the night was that you had to pay to get Roast in anywhere. I understand they need to make a bob, but surely the turnover derived from alcohol sales would suffice the bar being open. Bring on the free entries I say.

At the strike of midnight my mate Brad handed over his cigarettes to me and told me he was giving up. I’m very proud that someone has more self-control than me and is able to give up just like that. Follow Brad’s step and you may enjoy the benefits of longevity.

I have decided that the drinking should continue, and so it will. Not until everyone is back at work and school do I suggest we give up.

If I AMIRAL was to offer any of you any advice for the new year, it would be quite simply to follow the things you most want facial with ambition and optimism, not being knocked down by obstructions but jumping over them to reach the goal of getting what you want.

And on the note, happy wholesale nfl jerseys New Year girlies – may success be your partner in 2002 – smile till you die. Until next time, have a good time.

Luv Jonathan

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