Fun with lube!

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Lubricant – a word that turns some people a little red. Who knows why, but sexual lube is one of those things that few people know what to do with.

Firstly, the purpose of lube really is to ensure that we are well and truly ready for the lovin’ that we need. Because sometimes, no matter how in the mood you are, the juices just aren’t flowin’ and this is where lube comes in.

But it can be used for other reasons. We at nzgirl decided to get a bit creative and come up with some other ways to use your lube and get more ‘bang for your buck’ (no pun intended).

Use it to unstick that stubborn zipper.

If you’re in a rush to get your pants off (now, whenever would that situation arise?) and the zipper is making a nuisance of itself, squeeze a bit of lube onto it and it will part like Moses’ waters.

Use it to oil that squeaky bedpost.

If your bed is making more noise than you are, there is something wrong. Put a little lube onto the nut or bolt and have pleasure in peace. You can also use it to oil that squeaky door.

Be immature

For a bit of fun and immature tom-foolery squeeze a lot of lube onto the kitchen floor just before your partner comes home from work. Then watch him as he slips and slides all over the place. Ahhh, sometimes we are so juvenile, aren’t we?

Tame your hair

If your fringe is fuzzy, or those stubborn tufty bits just won’t stay down like they’re supposed to, use a small amount of lube to smooth them down. Although slightly reminiscent of the infamous scene with Cameron Diaz in ‘There’s Something About Mary’, it is very effective.

And the best lube to use? Durex Play.

This pleasure-enhancing lubricant has female tendencies because of its ability to multitask. Not only can it capably do all the things listed above, it also enhances the lovin’ feeling that is ooohhhh sooooo important.


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