Interview with Anna Hutchison

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Anna Hutchison would like everybody to know about her obsession with Nike sneakers!

She owns several pairs and it appears she holds them in higher regard than herself. So much so, that the other day after bailing off a friend’s BMX, while her fellow ‘The Women’ co-stars were tending to her grated up, blood dripping hands, all she could think about was the state of her new shoes.

Besides hoarding away collections of sneakers and bailing off BMXs, Anna has been a very busy nzgirl! She disappeared off our screens as the likeable Delphi on Shorty St and has since been immersing herself in the world of local theatre.

When I spoke to her recently, she was in the middle of shows for ‘The Women’and is soon to begin another production, this time ‘Sex with Strangers’ at the Herald Theatre.

Director Katie Wolfe (who directed Anna on Shortland St) approached her about auditioning for a part and a combination of a fantastic casting lineup – including Hannah Tolich, Sally Stockwell and Jacque Drew – well known stylist Sara Beale and stunning costuming from designers Zambesi and State of Grace made this the “perfect play and perfect timing” .

Some of the many challenges Anna faced in her role as Peggy Day included adopting a fantastic American accent and a scene as an underwear model.

These challenges were offset by many upsides; such as access to fantastic designer costumes and period accessories – which Anna agreed she would happily take home as additions to her base wardrobe of Nikes and Workshop jeans.

There’s also the pleasure of sharing the stage with such a talented bunch of Kiwi women. As Anna said, “everyone trained in different ways… working with them was amazing and just watching them is amazing – they all bring so many things.”

Anna’s potential and popularity amongst Kiwi viewers was recognized last year when she won the Rising Star award in the TV Guide’s Best on the Box People’s Choice Awards and a nomination for the 2003 New Zealand Television Award for Best Juvenile Actress.

In response to these honours Anna admitted “this is going to sound really cheesy but it was a real highlight. It’s really awesome to know that’s what the people think… possibly more so in retrospect”.

This star-power hasn’t gone wasted either. Promising to send the bouncer a “star-card” she managed to elude a cover-charge on her 18th, and even scored a jumper from a surf shop – and why not we say!

However the biggest advantage of her fame is the schmoozing- “the best thing is meeting people in the industry at events, making contacts, listening to their experiences… and learning from their mistakes”.

A role model herself for nzgirls, Anna cites Nicky Watson, Stacey Daniels and her little sister as the women that she admires. Her advice for us nzgirls is simple – “be true to who you are… don’t listen to others. If you want to do something don’t pay attention to what [others] say because they may not be around later… you can take other people’s advice or go with your instinct and it is sometimes better to go with your instinct”.

Ultimately though, “stay happy. If you’re happy everything just falls into place”- and Anna is a perfect example of someone living this mantra.


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