How to: Analyse Your Doodles

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Get your mind out of the gutter… I’m not referring to a particular part of your boyfriend’s anatomy. The doodles I’m talking about are those little designs which we tend to draw when we’re bored (for me it’s always been flowers and stars).

Believe it or not, according to handwriting experts our doodles can actually reveal our subconscious thoughts. Doodles and scribbles are symbols (like those in your dreams) and they can represent hidden emotions and disguised wishes.

So go and check any of your old schoolbooks or the notepad beside your phone, and join in the fun of doodle analysis…

Here’s what the professional analysts (graphologists) have to say about common doodles and what they apparently reveal:

Symbolises a sentimentalist. Often drawn by people in love, or thinking of love.

Tend to be drawn by friendly, sociable, sensitive, humane, warm, and open people

Geometric Shapes
(e.g squares, cubes, triangles)
Represent an organized brain, clear thinking process and planning skills, efficiency and purposefulness

Celestial Bodies
(e.g stars, sun, moon)
Represents optimism, ambition, a need to prove and advertise oneself.

Abstract Shapes
(e.g squiggles and swirls)
Tension, difficulty and disturbances in concentration

Happy Faces
Love of people, sees the positive in people and situations, optimistic, humane, good-natured, sensitive to his fellowmen, capacity to show empathy, friendly, enjoys social activities and events.

(e.g guns, cannons and swords)
Competitiveness, the need to prove oneself.

A need for family. Also a need for a spiritual shelter and search of self. Maybe feelings of insecurity.

Likes to defend others. Sensitivity, consideration. Needs peace of mind.


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