Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

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Xbox’s Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is a lot like The Bachelor – there’s Zack, host and owner of Zack Island; a group of gorgeous women, presents, and a contestant who spends her days bitching about the other girls. Just as millions of television viewers despised Christi the fruit-loop on The Bachelor, thousands of gamers will come to loathe Christie the German volleyball player.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is the latest game in the Dead or Alive series, but its very different from the others. In previous games your opponents were blokes and your battlefield was a fighting ring, but this has all been shelved in favour of fantasy girls in bikinis playing beach volleyball. It may sound like every guy’s dream game, but the reality is quite different.

It’s the boy’s job to test drive new Xbox games, and I was sure he was going to spend hours in front of the TV with this one – but that wasn’t the case. After just an hour, the boy emerged from the lounge with the game and said, “you’d better do this one, it’s a chick’s game”. His reason for rejecting of the most hyped male fantasy game to hit the shelves in years? Too much shopping!!

The story behind DOA is simple. Zack is a former DOA fighter who hit the jackpot at the casino and became an instant millionaire. He used some of his winnings to buy Zack Island, and then declared that the 4th Dead or Alive volleyball would be held tournament there.

Zack (voice and look courtesy of bad-boy basketballer Dennis Rodman) has invited DOA’s female characters Kasumi, Lei Fang and several other fantasy babes to his island for a luxury two-week holiday.

DOA is a single-player game that begins with selecting a girl, then spending two weeks on the island shopping, buying gifts, hanging out by the pool and playing volleyball. Basically, hanging out, shopping and socialising are the main components of the game…no wonder the boy didn’t like it!

I’m not much of a gamer, so I was stoked to find that the controls for DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball are easy to pick up. Instead of using all of the buttons on the Xbox controller to do one move, you only have to use two buttons to set, spike and serve in the volleyball games.

Simple controls, shopping…what more could you want?

Music? The soundtrack is pretty good – Christina Aguilera, B*Witched, Baha Men…even The Spice Girls! You can even pop into Zack’s Radio Station to change the music if you get bored, and Xbox’s recordable hard drive lets you record and play your own soundtrack as well.

DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball may have been made with guys in mind, but it’s us girls who will be hogging the Xbox to play this one!

DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball is out now – $119.95

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