Bonnie Bunny gets a facial piercing

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Ah Bonnie Bunny – the nzgirl guinea pig – ever ready to tackle any assignment in the name of reporting the truth.
This week Bonnie Bunny decided to explore the ever growing culture of piercing – never one to do anything by half Ms Bunny decided that a facial piercing was just the type of challenge she was looking for.
Read on as she reports on exactly what it’s like to get a small metal object put through your bottom lip.

Up until last week I was anti-piercing.
Not that I didn’t like it – it was just the mere thought of someone clamping and then stabbing a needle through my skin turned my stomach.
I’m no stranger to self inflicted pain I am the proud owner of a medium size tattoo, I’ve had my ears pierced three times (I know that’s a piercing but your ears are different) and I’ve broken my arm in an over zealous water slide incident, but body piercing – yuk no!

A couple of my friends have had their bellybuttons done in the past but after seeing the puss pulsating cesspools that they were even after six weeks that deterred me for life (or so I thought).
Tongues, belly buttons and genitals were definitely a no-no – but then nose, eye brow and lip (Julia Deans inspired) I was a little more relaxed about.

My best friend Sarah was overcome with the urge last Saturday to get her belly button re-pierced (it having being one of the previously mentioned cesspools that had subsequently closed up).
We went into Retro, which is a hairdresser and body piercing studio combined.
I don’t what it was – maybe the adrenaline rush of the impulsiveness, or whether it was a case of the ‘me too’ syndrome but for some reason I found myself standing in the mirror next to Sarah holding up barbells to my chin.

The moment you have stepped that boundary line of ‘just having a look’ to actively thinking about it there is usually no going back.
As usual Sarah could be counted on to supply the friendship motto we both abide by – ‘go for it’ – and after I asked about a thousand times she managed to convince me that ‘yes – she did think it would suit me’, ‘no – it wouldn’t look dumb on me’ and ‘no – it wasn’t that much of a big deal’.
Good old Sarah – I can Your always count on her to help talk the ‘I don’t know’ side of me around (of note; she was present for the tattoo and most of the earrings not to mention a few other impulsive manoeuvres).
Once the lady behind the counter got a whiff of my mounting intentions she popped the question Like – ‘So are you going to get anything done’.
Now this question seems harmless in essence, but when confronted with it in front of your friends, and anyone else in the shop the impulsive side of your personality seems to answer in the effort not to look like a wimp, “Yeah I was wondering how much it would cost to get my lip pierced I asked” thinking that I had avoided Auditor the question, cheap mlb jerseys “$60.00” the lady (later known as Leanne) replied – “I’ll lend you the money” Sarah piped up (cheers Sarah), “Do you want to do it today?” – both Leanne and Sarah Custom not to mention the three girls getting their hair done in preparation for a ball starred at me waiting for an answer…”Yeah…OK, why not?”

That’s about the most solid reason I can come up with as to what inspired me to do it.
Why not?
I’m currently in a job where my boss is pretty cool Pole about appearance, I am meant to still be young and rebellious and I like cheap jerseys to think of cheap jerseys myself as so – plus wholesale jerseys it’s a reversible procedure so …why the heck not?

Next step was to ring my beautiful boyfriend and see what he thought, “Hey Baby, how would you feel about me getting a lip piercing”…there’s a pause while he thinks up the correct answer, “You do whatever you want darling but personally I’m not really into them” (full points!
I have trained him well).
I casually and coolly replied, “That’s cool – but I might still get one anyway, alright?”
I wanted his opinion, but that didn’t mean I was going to follow it.

I decided to watch Sarah get her belly button re-pierced first.
If I blinked I would have missed it.
We went into the room, she laid down, there was a pen mark, a puncture, a shudder, a piece of jewellery inserted and that wholesale nba jerseys was it – she was patched up and good to go.
I felt cheated out of my observation exercise but there was no time for packing a sad because I was up.

Leanne marked me up with a small blue dot on the centre of my chin, just below my bottom lip.
I then had to look in the mirror and confirm that I was happy with the spot.
She then asked me to sit very still and she used a tweezers like clamp to hold my bottom lip out from my mouth.
I braced myself for a stabbing pain like I had never felt before.
I had the side of the chair firmly in my right hand and Sarah’s in my left.
For a split second it felt like some one had jabbed me with their pen and then I believe my exact words were “Is that it?”
I looked down and there in my lower lip was a hollow piece of plastic tubing.
It didn’t hurt – it felt completely normal – no pain, nothing.
Only the initial piercing had been painful and even then it was so quick you barely had time to complain.
Leanne explained that rather than using a metal needle they actually pierce you with a super strength plastic tube that’s shaped like a needle.
It has a handhold at one end to help the person doing the piercing insert it.
Once the tube is through your skin they just snip off the handhold end so you are left with a little blowhole.
Then they take the sterilized jewellery, pop the end of it into the tubing and thread the barbell through, and the tubing out, all in one fluid movement.
Again – surprisingly no pain.

The jewellery they use in your lip is slightly different to the barbells and rings we are used to seeing.
It has a screw-on ball on one end (for wholesale jerseys outside the mouth) and the stem ends in a flat base (approximately the same diameter as the ball).
That flat base sits on the inside of your bottom lip.
It felt really weird to start off with but it was never actually in the way or intrusive into my mouth, I was just aware it was there.
Since the skin in your и mouth is so soft within hours the flat base had sunken into my lip so that it didn’t protrude at all inside my mouth.
Also to my amazement it didn’t hurt at all, no dull throbbing ache or anything and I was eating in a couple of hours – very cautiously – but eating all the same.

Infection is now my only hurdle.
The last thing I want is a big wholesale mlb jerseys disgusting puss pocket on my chin so I am following Leanne’s instructions to the letter.
Firstly I have to make sure I cheap jerseys China keep REPORT my teeth and mouth really llevará clean – and I have to brilliant rinse with mouthwash after food or drink to make sure nothing gets stuck around my piercing.
I also have to clean around the outside with saline solution (the stuff they cheap jerseys use to clean contact lenses).
Apart from a tiny bit of clear watery discharge there has been very little to clean up, no blood, nothing.
Your mouth is renown for being able to heal itself amazingly quickly so I am confident that I won’t have any problems.
The only thing I do have to look out for is a too helpful healing process that will want to heal over my piercing.
Just keeping and eye on it and turning it should avoid that.

After the initial shock factor Steve says he really likes it and everyone, after the said shock, seems to think it’s not too offensive.

Sometimes you need to do something different, push yourself out of the comfort zone in order to grow.
Well I don’t know if it’s helped me do that but I definitely look a bit stauncher now and my tongue always has something to play with.

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