Meet Waikiki

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Juanita Stein (vocal, bass)
Joel Stein (guitar, harmonica, keyboard)
Jimmeh Brandon (guitar)
Glenn Moule (drums)

So, how long have you been here?
Juanita: About 10 hours
Jimmeh: A day, we came here yesterday
When is your first gig?
Juanita: Ah we’re doing like a showcase thing on Tuesday and our next one is Friday night
Is that at the Brownzy?
Juanita: Yep and Saturday at the…
Jimmeh: Kings bar?
Juanita: Tavern..?
Kings Arms. So is this your first time in New Zealand?
Joel: Yep
Juanita: Yeah!
Jimmeh: No, as a band yes
As a band yes. Like it?
Juanita: Oh it’s not bad….Joel don’t break it (Joel is observing the digital camera)
So, so how’d you guys meet?
Juanita: Me, Joel – brother, sister. And we met Glenn through an ad in the paper and then Jimmeh joined later on. He was just like a friend of ours. We’ve all been together about 3 and a half years now.
Brother and sister? Are there any sibling rivalries?
Juanita: Umm no
Jimmeh: Hahaha
Juanita: There isn’t!
Jimmeh: Haha I’m joking, I’m joking.
Juanita: Like you know we have stupid little arguments when your like stuck in a bus for 3 weeks on the road, but other than that We’ve got the same musical ideas and inspirations so musically it works really well
Why did you decide to release 2 EP’s instead of an album?
Juanita: Well I think you’ve kinda gotta introduce yourself to audiences before you just whack an album out, give them a taste of what your about, and also for us as a band you need to kinda practice what you sound like.
So the album will be out soon?
Juanita: Yeah! Mid September
Is that a coincidence with your new single? (Here comes September)
Juanita: Umm yeah it’s all kinda coincidental
Jimmeh: It all falls into place, destiny
Juanita: Yeah! Destiny’s Child
Do you like Destiny’s Child?
Jimmeh: Love Destiny’s Child
Juanita: I LOVE Destiny’s Child
Did you see them perform?
Juanita: No, did you?
No I missed them
Jimmeh: I heard they were shocking

Me and Juanita: Really?!

Jimmeh: Yeah
Juanita: I can’t imagine that
Joel: Beyonce!
Juanita: Beyonce’s the shit! I saw them on TV and stuff
I heard it was good. Which one did you hear was bad?
Jimmeh: The Sydney show
How has the feedback been for your EP’s?
Juanita: Either?
Juanita: Yeah, yeah we’ve gotten quite a good response to our music so far. And we’re just anticipating the album. The Crunch.
Is it almost ready?
Juanita: It’s ready, we’re just waiting for the release
So you’re doing support for No Doubt soon? How’d you get that?
Juanita: Well..
Jimmeh: How did we get that?
Juanita: We have a very good agent
Jimmeh: An excellent agent
Juanita: And manager and they line it up
How was it working with Ben Lee? Which you did for the album right?
Juanita: Yeah we collaborated on 2 songs for the album
Which are?
Juanita: Here comes September, which is the single we’ve just released. And another one called Complicated, which will be on the album too. Yeah he’s fantastic and he’s really smart and he’s just a great guy, we get on with him really well.
Your idea or his? (to collaborate)
Juanita: Ummm kinda both. Kinda just a realisation that we both are doing the same thing in life and why not try and collaborate and see what happens.
Does your name mean anything?
Juanita: Not really, it was just kinda around, we flipped opened a book and pointed at a word and that’s the word.
What does it mean?
Jimmeh: Flowing water
Is it English?
Juanita: Hawaiian, Polynesian
Jimmeh: Polynesian
Do you read much?
Juanita: Umm I would like to read more, I’m obsessed with the idea of reading good books but I don’t actually read them. I mean there are a lot of great books like On the road and The Outsiders and The Great Gatesby. But there are so many great musicians who write the best song in the world from reading books, and got their names from books.
Joel: You know Amnesiac and Kid A, you know George?
Joel: There’s a book called 1984 and they wrote both albums and all these lyrics are based on that book.
Have you read the book?
Joel: Half way
Oh yep, interesting
Juanita: You know that’s funny, someone was telling me about that book Out of nowhere.
Joel: Yeah it’s a heavy book. Yeah you’ll know where he gets all his lyrics from.
Oh yeah, I didn’t know musicians did that, get ideas from books. I guess it makes sense though
Juanita: Yeah
Joel: I’ll tell you a secret about musicians

All sit in silence for 10 seconds

Juanita: Hahaha
Joel: Did you hear it? Every musician gets something from somewhere
I guess everyone does though
Joel: But it’s all like, when you think of someone you think they’ve made it up by themselves, it doesn’t matter who it is they’ve taken it from somewhere and just done it in their own way. Do you know what I mean?
Yeah, but that’s just the human cycle
Joel: Yeah that’s how it works. It’s evolution
Joel: You can understand what I mean
Yeah, I do
Joel: I mean the greatest example of that is Jimi Hendrix
Glenn: But I’ve never read a book in my life
Glenn: Yeah. Art’s good.
Do you write the lyrics?
Glenn: No, I’ll take some away from this.
What music are you guys into?
Jimmeh: All kinds
Like is there anything you cut out?
Juanita: Ahhhhhhhhh
Jimmeh: I don’t like house music, like pumping
Juanita: I hate house
Jimmeh: NRG stuff that you hear on the radio
Juanita: Don’t like Opera. Tacky tacky house.
Jimmeh: Musicals!
Juanita: Hate musicals
Jimmeh: Hate musicals
Juanita: Mind you, I like…
Jimmeh: I like the Wizard of Oz
Juanita: Yeah!
Jimmeh: Grease
Joel: Westside Story
Juanita: Oh! Westside Story!
Joel: Sound of Music
Glenn: So basically, you love musicals
Jimmeh: No
Juanita: With the exception of a few. Yeah I love blues, rock, pop, punk
Any favourites?
Juanita: Musicals?
Juanita: Bands?
Juanita: Dern, dern, dern
Jimmeh: Name one!
Juanita: Mazzy star
Jimmeh: Peter ban, Joel?
Joel: Ummm
All stare at Glenn
Juanita: Quick! Think, think
Jimmeh: Doves?
Glenn: The Doves
I haven’t herd of any of them, apart from The Doves
Juanita: Oh really? You gotta get to the music store quick girl.
How old are they? I might be too young to know
Jimmeh: Peter Ban’s pretty recent
What style is it?
Jimmeh: Sorta like Beck.
Juanita: F*cked up Beck
Jimmeh: Yeah fucked up Beck
Juanita: Have you seen Ghostwell?
Is it a movie?
Juanita: Yea
Joel: Has it come out here?
No, I don’t think so
Juanita: Oh, you should see it
Who’s the main actor/actress?
Jimmeh: Tora
Juanita: Thora Birch
Jimmeh: Thora
Is it Thora, or Tora?
Juanita: I don’t know
Jimmeh: I thought it was Thora
Juanita: You thought wrong Jimmeh!

Conversation about the LOUD construction noises outside, as well as different laws.

(After noticing Joel’s extremely clean shoes) are those shoes new?
Joel: Yeah (admiring them)
Juanita: Hahaha
I’ve never seen such clean shoes
Jimmeh: You should see my white ones
Juanita: Where are your white ones?
Jimmeh: There upstairs
Joel: I actually clean them everyday
Juanita: It’s an obsession
Jimmeh: When he brushes his teeth, he uses the same toothbrush, for the soles.
Joel: Colgate
(Noticing the Pulp magazine Juanita was reading) do you get that in Australia?
Juanita: No I stole it from over there, is it a kiwi magazine?
It must be. I haven’t really read it
Joel: I don’t know
I think so
Juanita: It says New Zealand first.
Joel: Can I break your f*ck-me bracelet? Are they still called that?
Oh these? No these aren’t f*ck bands, those are those ones you get inside coke lids and you make them. You can’t break these ones easily
Joel: oh
Have you noticed any little differences between NZ and Australia?
Juanita: Beside your accent?
Beside the accent of course
Juanita: Not really, I mean…
Jimmeh: The cars, the car names.
You’re in Sydney eh? I always go to Sydney and I’ve noticed little things like that. The cars are different and it smells different.
Juanita: Smells different?
Smells different
Jimmeh: Definitely, I’ve noticed that
Juanita: That’s very interesting. Yeah the airs very clean here
Yeah that’s what I mean
Joel: The diary foods lots better too.

Miranda: What dairy food have you eaten already?

Joel: Bacon, cheese, milk and kiwi icecreams. And your fruits good too.
Our fruits fresher
Joel: The fruit in Sydney’s shocking
Jimmeh: No it’s not
Joel: Yes it is
Jimmeh: Your buying from the wrong fruit shop
Joel: OK, good fruit costs $9, cheap fruit costs 2.
Anyway, so you’re on soundtracks right? For The Secret Life of Us
Juanita: Do you have that show here?
Jimmeh: Yeah they got first season
Joel: Your gonna get the second one soon
Do we?
Juanita: Yeah it’s a really, really cool show. You should watch it. It’s kinda like a really good version of…
Jimmeh: Reality bites or something like that
Joel: It’s quite real
I never really liked reality TV
Joel: Oh no, it’s not like that
Juanita: Kinda like Neighbours or Home and Away
Jimmeh: Just a badder version
Juanita: Yeah there’s shit all over it. Their very intent on having local music, they want to help as much as they can
Jimmeh: There’s swearing and stuff
Juanita: And drug use, sex
Joel: Their drinking alcohol in public scenes
Juanita: So it’s pushing boundaries
Have you ever been told you look like someone famous?
Jimmeh: well
Juanita: AH!! let her guess
umm …….. I don’t know
Jimmeh: I’ve been told Ben Lee
Oh I see that
Jimmeh: Bob Dylan
Joel: Ben Lee?
Jimmeh: Yeah I get Ben Lee all the time
Have you seen The Mummy?
Juanita: The Mummy?
Joel: Oh I see where you’re going
Doesn’t she (Juanita) look like that main chick in The Mummy?
Jimmeh: Ah
Joel: Totally
Juanita: Yeah?
Yeah I got sent a photo of you guys and I was like. ‘Shit The Mummy chicks in a band’
Juanita: Really? I’ll have to check her out
Joel: Yeah I see that
Glenn: Is that a school uniform?
Glenn: Which school? Is it good?
Epsom Girls Grammar. No
Glenn: Is it co-ed?
Jimmeh: Epsom GIRLS Grammar, is it co-ed? hahaha
Joel: What bands do you like?
Umm I like lots, I like New Zealand and rock and..
Joel: Bands
Juanita: Band names
Joel: Give me band names
ummm Garbage, PJ Harvey, Pete Yorn
Joel: Cool man, your set. You’re in the band
Do you feel what you listen to must influence your music?
Juanita: Yeah I don’t think you can avoid that
You think it just kinda sets in?
Juanita: Yeah you can’t help it. I mean you know Michael Goldfield? He was this guy in the 70’s and he just freaked out, he couldn’t handle anything.
Joel: Who?
Juanita: Michael Goldfield, he did this instrumental album and he fully locked himself away and he only ever came out when he had finished the album and he sent it to the record company, and all the reps of the record company sat down and they listened to the album entirely from beginning to end, which is like 2 hours or something and at the end of it they all just stood up clapping and it turned out to be one of the highest selling albums ever. Like he doesn’t do shows, he wouldn’t go out in public, he just totally freaked out
Joel: That’s what happened to Nick Drake, he hated people.
Didn’t he kill himself?
Joel: Yeah
Lots of musicians end up doing that
Juanita: Yeah, I think most of them do it accidentally though. Don’t musicians usually
Jimmeh: OD
Juanita: OD or fall off a building
What’s your ultimate dream for the music industry? How far do you want to go?
Jimmeh: As far as we can
Juanita: We want to fall off the edge
Has this always been it?
Juanita: yes
Jimmeh: she’s being a smart-ass, isn’t she?
Juanita: I had a defining moment when I was 4 years old and I was deciding if I was going to be a big movie star or a big, fat rockstar.
Jimmeh: You sound like Mundean.
Juanita: Oh really?
Jimmeh: ‘I didn’t know if I was going to football or basketball so I did boxing.’
Juanita: Mundean is a big inspiration for me
Jimmeh: The Man. Do you know Tony Mundean?
No. Is there a movie made about him?
Joel: There will be
Juanita: Do you have Big Brother here?
Big Brother? Yeah, I’m not into it though. Are you?
Joel: Is it Aussie?
Juanita: I mean a New Zealand Big Brother
No, Aussie
Juanita: Do you get a lot of Aussie shows?
Quite a bit, we get Home and Away and stuff
Juanita: Yeah, do you like that show?
I don’t really watch TV
Juanita: Neither. How old are you?
Juanita: Really? This is a fun job
It is, good fun
Juanita: What other bands have you interviewed lately?
Phantom Planet last weekend, know them?
Juanita: Yeah, did you like them?
Yeah they were really nice
Juanita: We caught up with them when they played in Sydney, they did a showcase. And the lead singer…
Alex, I didn’t meet him
Juanita: You didn’t meet him?
No, he was at the gym
Juanita Who did you meet?
Jacques and Jason
Juanita: Jason is fucking funny
Jimmeh: He’s so funny
Juanita: And in that movie
Joel: Yeah Rushmore.
Juanita: Have you seen it?
Juanita: You’ve gotta see it
Joel: It’s amazing. Seen the Royal Tennebaums?
Yeah that’s a great movie. Do you have a favourite movie?
Juanita: Joel does
Joel: Star Wars
What about you? (Glenn)
Glenn: I don’t really watch that many movies so I don’t know
What do you do in your spare time?
Glenn: Not much. Drums
Oh that’s good.
Juanita: Pleasantville is my favourite movie
The one in black and white sometimes?
Juanita: yeah

Miranda: last question

Ok. You tour lots. Is there something that each of you won’t leave without?
Jimmeh: My Gameboy
Juanita: He’s a gameboy freak
Miranda What games?
Jimmeh: Tony Hawk, Tetris
Miranda Tetris is brilliant Long discussion with Glenn and Miranda re his suitcase, ending with Miranda issuing Glenn with a dare – that he cannot pack a suitcase full of ken clothes. The dare is set up for later that night, when the band performed at a showcase. Glen neatly folded all of the clothes (right) into a small suitcase, and then promised to take the package around the world with him in a special place in his bag.

To listen to Waikiki or check out their site, visit here.

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