Celebrity Best & Worst Hair

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From gorgeous locks to bowl cuts, we take a sneak peak into this week’s hot celeb dos, and the celeb hair don’ts.

Simple and stylish, these girls show us how it’s done…
Isla Fisher
Isla is looking quite the natural beauty with golden shiny locks. The Confessions of a Shopaholic star has gorgeous long, thick and flowing hair just made to show off! Not a hair looks out of place meaning Isla looks quite simply, stunning! 
Lilly Allen
Lilly Allen’s cutesy do proves that sometimes simplicity is key! A sweet side pony, this hairstyle is both playful and tidy and above all, Lilly looks great!

Amber Stevens
Amber’s looking sweet but stylish with this half-pony. The cute little band and volume at the back gives it a little edge, while her curls sit perfectly on her shoulders. Cute!
Kate Winslet
Kate looks the picture of Hollywood glamour with this glamorous up-do. The sweeping side fringe to a classic bun is a timeless and sophisticated look for a radiant and gorgeous result.
Flat, crazy or just plain boring, these girls should fire their stylists!
Flat, crazy or just plain boring, these girls should fire their stylists!
Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum’s hair is pulled back so tight it’s giving her a botox effect. Straight, slicked and overall lacking in the Klum-glamour touch, this is not a winning look for the supermodel.
Keri Hilson
The girl’s got a bowl cut! Perhaps the recession has hit Keri a little hard and she’s had to take to giving herself haircuts? Either way this is not a sexy look for this sexy lady. And what’s with the blonde fringe tints? With a bit of a green tinge, they look like they’ve been dipped in chlorine!
Milla Jovovich
Milla is looking remarkably unremarkable for someone who’s just turned up Mercedes Benz fashion week! Her flat messy waves and careless side pin do not cater well for the occasion in fact; her hair’s looking a little oily!
Jennifer Anniston
For someone who spends US$50,000 on their hair a year, we just don’t think Jen’s locks are looking all that hot, especially in this messy ponytail! Jen’s hair hasn’t changed much since the 90s, time to mix it up we think.


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