Top 5 Ways to Make Him Go Down

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If you’re desperate for him to go down on you, but are just too much of a pussy (!) to ask him out front, try our top five sneaky ways to lure him down – he won’t be able to resist!

1: Whip it off
This is a goodie – it’s something that you’ll both get enjoyment out of! Brazilians really aren’t as bad as you think (especially when done by a pro, we recommend the ladies at Off Wax in Auckland). Unveil your immaculate canvas to him and he’ll be so intrigued and surprised, he’ll just have to have a closer look…and you know the rest! Even if he doesn’t, you may just find that you love the hair free feeling for your own personal pleasure.
2: Nudge him the right way

Maybe all your boy really needs is a little nudge in the right direction – literally! Try it, we dare you.

3: Drop hints

Let him know women orgasm after receiving oral sex. Boys are like desperate puppies in the sack – all they really want to do is please you!
4: Shower power

If your boy seems to have a dislike for going down on you, give it a go in the shower. This way you’ll both be totally clean and you can make it sexy and fun by filling the shower with a yummy scented body wash (just don’t put it near your vagina– stick to a ph neutral cleanser, both for your sake and his!).

5: Tell him you’ll return the favour
Sometimes you just need to use a little bargaining power! Oral sex can be a great way for women to orgasm, so it is worth offering him some oral action in return for a little bit your way. A 69er can be a great option (you’re both getting some at the same time!) or you can take turns. We suggest letting him go down on you first – this way you’ll still (hopefully!) be buzzing and you can judge the quality and length of blow job you give him based on how he handled you!
If he seems really reluctant to go down, it could be seriously worth having a chat with him. Maybe there’s a funky smell? Maybe he’s worried he’ll get some kind of disease? Who knows what he’s thinking unless you ask!


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