Hot New Sex Moves to Try Tonight!

Time to spice things up in the bedroom? We’ve done the research and found the top five moves which will blow your mind. So take a risk and give them a go, we’re sure both you and your man won’t mind a bit…  

1: Pressed position
You lie on your back and draw your knees to your chest. You man lifts you and penetrates you from a kneeling position. You can use your fingernails to lightly scratch his thighs. You can also add extra spice by placing your hands through your thighs and holding onto his waist which allows you to push a pull against him.
2: The tree climber
This standing position involves you standing on one of your partner’s feet while placing your other foot on his opposite thigh, as high as is comfortable for both. Then try passing one arm behind your partner’s back and holding his shoulder with the other. Your partner should lean against the wall and hold you quite firmly around the waist as you have neither foot on the ground.
3: The cobra
In this more acrobatic standing position you need to be able to bend over fully. You drop your head between your knees in an open position and reach back and grasp your partner’s ankles. This move is called the hanging serpent because when snakes mate they twist and entwine together for long periods of time.
4: Cross-legged clutch
You sits cross legged on top of your partner’s hips. He lies completely flat, legs together, arms outstretched at shoulder level in a position of vulnerability and abandon. Because there is no caressing, all movement takes place within your vagina, as you squeeze and stimulate your partner’s penis.
5: The sky salute
In this position, you lie reclined with your legs in the air and allowing your partner to take hold of your ankles. This allows the man to control the position of your legs. By holding both ankles in his hands, he can move them as widely as you both find comfortable. It is also very easy to go from this position to another.

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