The Real Life Carrie Bradshaws: Top 5 Sex Blogs

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Women far and wide share a universal talent; the ability to completely over analyse men and everything that they do. nzgirls are no exception… Armed with a little too much insightfulness and a love for gossip, we are constantly making our girlfriends listen to our complicated (and often exaggerated) sex and dating stories. 

Here at nzgirl we have found the perfect solution to all of your dating dilemmas – online sex and dating blogs. Next time you are in the mood to attempt to understand the mysteries of a man’s mind or extensively analyse a date, try out one of these sites. They are there to guide you both day and night, cover everything from dating itself to marriage and kids and are often juicy as well! After a few reads you’ll be addicted. Who needs to gossip when you’ve got sites dedicated to helping you on your quest to understanding men…
‘New York in Paris’ aka the “real-life Carrie Bradshaw” aka Maggie Kim, is a young, newly-wed New Yorker who has just left her country to follow the love of her life to Paris. Sounds romantic? Don’t worry, with New York in Paris there are no sickening embellishments or over-exaggerations (or if there are, it’s not obvious!) Although it is definitely personal, she manages to contextualise all of her problems, making them relate to girls across the globe. Check her out to get a fix of just one of the many other Carrie’s out there.
This well-known blogger hits all the right notes with her perceptive commentaries on not only the dating world, but life in general. Think of it as a current affairs site with a twist as she manages to combine news with love and dating theories. “Everyone is buzzing about John McCain’s VP pick Sarah Palin and her 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy…” writes Townsend, going on to explore teenage pregnancies and how they relate to current US politics, all in a few short and snappy sentences. A perfect way to enhance your general knowledge, as well as your dating wisdom! Genius.
Julia is a gorgeous young American who describes herself as being “rambunctious, indefatigable and obnoxious.” To put that simply: “a handful.” She writes with honesty and is intentionally controversial and although some of her posts seem a tad fictional, her pictures and constant references to family members and friends make her intensely real. My advice; grab the popcorn and settle down to read about her life. It’s as interesting as a soap opera and you’ll be addicted in no time.

Single Mom Seeking

“One 35-year-old woman, her seven-year-old, a bunch of single mom girlfriends, a closet of dating advice…” Single parents are abundant and this site provides humorous, light-hearted support and insight to the world of dating… and kids. This blogger is a competent writer who knows how to appeal to her audience, having even published a book on the subject. Enjoy!
Last but definitely not least, this site brings together all your sex, dating and beauty needs; more of an online magazine than a blog, it still has heaps of opinion-based articles and plenty of links to other blogs. So if you’ve enjoyed the above, then this is a perfect place to go to read more about the world of sex and dating on the Internet and in every day life. 
The amount of sites dedicated to dating is vast – you wouldn’t believe how many I came across on my search! These are only a select few, so if they don’t quite hit home with you then all you have to do is use trusty old Google. I’m sure there’s something out there for everyone.
And whatever you do, don’t forget to read the comments! They are often just as entertaining and insightful as the blogs themselves. You may even find yourself wanting to add your own views…
Jess O’Connor

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