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Growing up, who could have possibly predicted how incredibly important our brows would become? We think it’s fair to say that our brow game should be considered as a highly competitive sport, and an Olympic one at that. Seriously, it’s become much more than just applying a few blotches of makeup on ’em and plucking those few unruly pieces of hair starting to stray dangerously into monobrow territory. *Shudder.

Brows 2

What us girls generally consider to be on fleek has dramatically changed from way back in the day. Long gone are the super thin and angled arches of the 1920’s, emphasised by big screen actresses such as Anna May Wong and Clara Bow. We can safely praise Audrey Hepburn‘s more natural and thicker set of brows for saving the women of the 60’s scarily thin eyebrows and sparking an interest in a darker, filled in look for their brows.  Nowadays, the likes of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have well and truly made many put down the tweezers and embrace a fuller, thicker brow shape.

Eeeek check out these scary brows!

We’re now constantly told of new techniques and revolutionary brow experts that are the best in the business and are sure to provide our brows with the noble title known as “on fleek.” But how can we know which ones really are the best of the best? Our brows are our babies, we’re not putting the fate of their lives in the hands of just anyone!

Flossie app

That’s why we’ve deemed Flossie as the ultimate word-of-mouth app, designed to help you request, book and pay for your brow appointments and they’ve made sure you’re getting the best. As much as we wish it, amazing brows don’t just pop up overnight, they happen by appointments! Life always seems to get in the way, and it can be tricky to keep our brows in check. But Flossie makes it super easy to do this, making it one of our fave apps and we’ll tell you why exactly why!


  1. Recommended and reliable: You can put your trust in their hands. Every suggested booking has been tried and tested by the girls themselves so you can be sure they know what they’re talking about.
  2. It’s quick and easy: The Flossie app can be downloaded onto your phone in a matter of minutes and then you’re ready to book! Not only is the app mobile friendly but it’s incredibly easy to navigate.
  3. The team are super friendly: Whilst being easy to contact, they are always more than happy to answer any queries or concerns you might have.
  4. Generosity: The team are always keen to share the love and pay back the loyalty of those signed up, and if you’re lucky, you might find some Flossie dollars floating your way. (Heeeello, discount on that brow shape).
  5. There are sooo many options: Not only can Flossie sort your brows, but they can suss anything beauty related from facials to full body massages. They’ve got it all covered! There are even special options that can organise for Flossie to come to you, for special occasions like weddings or balls.

This year has been huge for brows. We’ve witnessed a few pretty big trends concerning our beautiful caterpillars we call eyebrows. These trends are constantly changing but luckily for you, we’ve taken the time to compile a few of the biggest and the best brow trends of 2016, and we’ll even tell you how you can make it happen for yourself – through Flossie!

1. The Defined and Dramatic Arch

Arch brows

Love, love, love! Beyonce, Rihanna, and Demi definitely know how to work their brows. The sharp and sassy arch is a favourite of ours, this look can do no wrong in our books! It has now been seen countless times on the red carpet and spread across endless magazine covers. The biggest Hollywood stars have all boasted this look, and the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe have been credited with introducing the strong arch!

About Face

Want to get this look? Many amazing salons are able to shape and tint your brows to give you a super sassy arch, but one salon we’re definitely crushing on is About Face and their Brow Gal kit. From eyebrow pencils to highlighters and gel, this kit has got it all which means you can get your Audrey Hepburn on and do it yourself. Want to nab it yourself? Book an Instant Appointment with Flossie and talk to the experts themselves, who can give you the juicy details to perfect the look yourself.

2. Brow Extensions

Brow Extens

As we mentioned before, the days of meticulous tweezing and dangerously thin eyebrows are behind us. (Phew). Whilst bigger and natural looking brows are the new norm, many gals are choosing to use eyebrow extensions over pencils, powder, and wax. What are they, you ask? Basically, eyebrow extensions are replica hairs that look just as natural as your own, designed to help your brows look both fuller and plumper. The process takes about 45 minutes and aims to give your normal brows a spruce up, especially if you have quite thin or wispy brows that need a little extra help. Cara Delevingne, here we come! One fashionista described her process of getting the extensions to her brows and claimed it to be totally “glorious and life changing.” The colour, length and variety all depend on what you want and what you believe will suit your brows best. And they aren’t permanent!

This trend has become increasingly popular among many women and for many different reasons. More and more women undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss are now discovering the benefits of this process. Other women suffering from Alopecia have said to try out brow extensions, in the case where they may have a special event or occasion coming up like a wedding and want to rock some natural lookin’ brows.

Sydney Lashes

Thinking of trying it out for yourself? Flossie recommends Sydney Lashes as one of the best for this job, and booking with them is super easy thanks to their mobile app. Not only do Sydney Lashes do eyebrow extensions, if you make an appointment for the Brow Wow package, you will be given a full brow makeover which includes a shape, tint, eyebrow extensions and a complimentary head massage. How luxurious does that sound, right?!

3. Threading vs. Waxing


In a battle of makeup beauticians and alike, many have engaged in debate as to whether threading or waxing is the best technique, in terms of hair removal. There’s no doubt that both have become big trends in the brow world.

Historically, threading is an ancient method of hair removal originally practiced in Eastern countries such as India and Egypt. Nowadays, it has become a common practice in the West and has become recognised as an effective way of keeping our brows in check and creating a killer defined line. What this technique differs from others is in it’s precision. Experts argue that while waxing and plucking can leave unwanted stray hairs, threading goes through row by row of your brow in order to create a clean, sharp and defined look. It is quite a speedy process too, only taking about 15 minutes!


This technique is particularly useful to those gals on certain medications or skin conditions as this type of hair removal doesn’t affect the skin, only the strands of hair. Waxing can remove a layer of skin, making it not the best option for those with sensitive skin! Because the equipment needed for threading pretty much only consists of a simple cotton string, the risk of an allergic reaction is very low whilst wax may contain irritating substances that could affect the skin.

However, those fighting for waxing to take the throne of brow kingdom say that it is sometimes difficult to find credible and clean places that do threading. Each threading artist has a different technique, but it is often possible to determine the quality of their work based on the length of time they spend with a client. For example, if the beautician only spends a few short minutes threading, it’s not likely that’s a good sign! If they go too quickly, it’s possible to cut your skin too. Nevertheless, Flossie have tried and tested out a few totally credible (not to mention amazing) salons that provide this treatment!


Besides brow extensions, Sydney Lashes are also brilliant if you’re looking to thread your brows. Hop over to Flossie and get booking now!

4. Brow Feathering


Ever thought about tattooing your eyebrows? Well, apparently many people have. Yep, eyebrow tattooing a.k.a feathering is now a huge trend and one that’s pretty interesting. Brow feathering is a semi-permanent tattoo that can last up to 2 years and involves a series of thin lines that replicate the hair growth pattern as your already existent hair. The process entails a row of needles that are used to hand draw in each brow hair. Next, a dye is applied over top and becomes absorbed into the small incisions. Then this is done a few more times until it looks perfect. One fashion blogger had her brows feathered and found the technique to have great effects! The brows came off looking all-naturale and one year later the brows are still looking defined. Next our very own nzgirl Belinda Nash is going to get hers done at H & Co. so we can track her success.

This technique is ah-mazing if you’re after long-lasting results and touch ups are required every 12-18 months or so in order to keep yah brows looking hella fresh. Also, not as sore as it sounds! Your therapist will apply numbing cream to the brow area before you start and then halfway again through the process to keep your discomfort to a minimum!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.12.04 PM

Keen to try it out and take your brows to the next level? Check out H & CO, suggested to us by Flossie!

Click here to flick over to Flossie and download the app so you can get booking instantly and get your brows looking on point. Our brows are demanding creatures and require much lovin’  but let’s face it, having on fleek brows can turn a bad day into a killer one… just like Emilia Clarke!

emilia clarke

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