#flossiefriday: This Facial Will Revolutionise Your Skin Health

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As someone who has thought that a facial is a “nice-to-have” I have done a complete 180! The Skin-Changing Facial at About Face is exactly that, it’s skin changing. It’s where science meets beauty to achieve results that reach deep into the dermis to enliven skin at a cellular level, using active ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your precious skin.

Plus, if you step- up a level and grab the Power of Three Facial while you’re at About Face, you receive a complementary brow tidy too. How cool is that?

I booked in for the Skin-Changing Facial but just to a) spoil me, and b) show you gals what you can expect with the superpowers of Power of Three Facial, we did that.

Watch my story here and read the facts below to see how you can take your skin on a makeover journey that it’ll love you for!

The Deep Cleanse

While I turned up to my appointment with my “woke up like this” makeup-free face, my treatment with fab therapist Donna began with two very deep cleanses using the Ultraceuticals Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser. Donna says don’t be afraid of getting a thorough cleanse after a day of makeup and pollutants by cleansing twice. And be sure to use a gentle, paraben-free cleanser, such as one from the Ultraceuticals, so you do not dehydrate your skin or alter its delicate pH balance.


Donna, Therapist exraordinaire of About Face Te Atatu Clinic

Skin Peel

Once my skin was clean and dry, Donna (pictured above) assessed my skin for the type of skin peel that would most suit my skin’s needs. She chose a very fast-acting skin peel. This is a solution that feels tingly on the skin and removes the dead skin that sits on and can clog the very outer layer of the skin, while restoring moisture back into the skin.

A skin peel is a mild form of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the top of the skin. A course of peels help to improve the appearance and texture of the skin relating to the visible signs of ageing and improves the texture and appearance of acne-prone skin. Skin appears more refined and radiant with an overall improved appearance. At About Face we have more than 10 different peels that we can chose from depending on your skin’s needs. Let our skin experts create a bespoke treatment for you.



Omnilux emerged from the UK following years of scientific research. It’s an intensive, non-invasive light therapy that is safe and painless, using light of differing wavelengths to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers to stimulate natural healing and rejuvenation.

Omnilux stimulates natural processes to rejuvenate the skin and is used to treat many skin concerns including acne, ageing, skin healing and psoriasis.


Depending on your skin’s needs, your therapist will choose from three different treatments – Omnilux Revive, Plus or Blue – which target your skin’s specific needs, from stimulating the skin’s natural production of collagen and restoring the skins cells back to optimum health while detoxifying, hydrating and soothing the skin naturally. It can also soften lines and wrinkles, and stimulate a wound-healing response within the skin, with tissue remodelling and improved collagen production. It can also be a highly effective treatment against acne by targeting bacteria to heal the skin and restore it back to health

Vitamin Infusion

environ-Sonophoresis-technologyI was also lucky enough to also experience the very weird and wonderful Environ vitamin infusion using Sonophoresis technology. This treatment is part of the Power of Three Facial ($259) not the Skin-Changing Facial ($189 …or grab the nzgirl VIP special below for just $159), so make sure when you’re booking you grab the treatment package you want.

Active Vitamin Infusion is a non-surgical option that uses sound waves to penetrate vitamin A and C deeply into the skin. The Environ lonzyme DF machine we use is the most effective in the world for enhancing penetration of vitamins into the skin, leading to younger, brighter, firmer skin.

The Sonophoresis uses a flat probe on the surface of the skin with a low frequency sounds wave which enables the Environ A and vitamins (in gel form) to penetrate deep within the skin layers.


Alicia, Manager of About Face Te Atatu Clinic

My Verdict

The Skin-Changing Facial on its own is amazing! Add on the final Power of Three treatments and it’s next level. I was bright and shiny all day and my skin stayed plumper and more hydrated for days. Donna recommends that all women maintain a regular treatment of facials, optimally every four weeks, but ideally twice a year. Either the Power of Three Facial or the Skin-Changing Facial will keep your skin protected and hydrated and will target areas of concern, such as acne, scarring or ageing. Donna’s favourite skin brands to use in treatments are Ultraceuticals, Environ and Efamol.

Plus these gorgeous treatments are perfect for upcoming brides, mums-to-be and of course make the world’s most luxurious gifts!

Donna’s Hottest Beauty Tip

Wear SPF 50+ 365 days of the year even if you're indoors because UV rays can reach inside your house by reflecting light off your walls.


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