#flossiefriday: I Had A Vaginal Steam And It Was Great!

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Well there’s a headline I never thought I’d write. Go ahead, read it again. Giggle, scoff or blush. Are we over it now? I get it, I said the word VAGINA. Right-o, now let’s get down to business.

When Aroha Healing approached us through Flossie wishing to promote their services in this area, as an add-on to their already comprehensive and well-loved wellness treatments, our marketing team found the usual suspects for our free Tried & Tested appointments nowhere to be found. A distinct lack of hands in the air. Wusses.

Though understandably so. The first thought conjured when introduced to the idea of a “Vagina Steam” is having the same tools that are put up in your grill at the opposite end of a more traditional facial setting, but neatly propped up inside your hoo-hoo.

Relax drama queens, that’s not what it’s about at all.

Though admittedly it’s still a little kooky (hey, Gwyneth Paltrow swears by them, so that should say it all). However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It’s just not your everyday massage and facial treatment, that’s all.


I was a prime candidate for this. Aside from my medical history reading like an over-sharing mummy blog (severe endo, pelvis/bowel/digestive issues, chronic fatigue, inflammation, extreme stress, IVF and associated miscarriages), I also am on the hard-core self-repair bandwagon. I’m gluten and dairy free, paleo (bone broths twice a day!), all about the fermented foods (Kefir, saukeraut), detox teas, PMS teas and guzzling magnesium, glucosamine, iron and probiotics. I am the full nine yards. Yes, I am often found in active-wear on a Saturday in Ponsonby buying flowers, sipping on a smoothie. LOL.

Therefore, it was natural that when the opportunity presented itself for me to take the next step on my path to wellness, whilst I understandably guffawed, I also firmly raised my hand in the air. I was happy to take this one for the team.

And boy am I glad I did. I just floated out of Rosanna’s spa, nearly two hours later, feeling renewed and doubling down on my commitment to feeling great.


You’re dying to know the details, right? The girls in the office certainly were. WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? GIVE US ALL THE DETAILS, as they looked me up and down checking unsubtly for any visual signs of renewed freshness.

The steam itself is easy and low key. I really didn’t know what to expect and had conjured up all sorts of mental pictures, but it was none of those. It was sort of like sitting on the edge of a hot bath, with steam coming up. The “device” itself looks a bit like an outdoor loo, which a pot of steaming Chinese herbs are place within and they waft up to meet your bare bits. NOTHING goes inside of you, or anywhere near you for that matter. It’s just hot steam that starts off a bit too warm (I got up a couple of times), then it settles down and your mind wanders to other things and you forget what you’re even doing. Twenty minutes later and we’re off the pot and onto the next stage.


Rosanna asked me to climb up onto the bed and undertook a process of massage of Arvigo Abdominal Massage – a non-invasive external massage aimed to improve uterus and gut health (both of my goals in one go!). Soft and gentle manipulations used to stimulate circulation to self-heal.

After a 20-minute session, she then showed me how to massage myself as a nightly ritual. Then a quick turn over and a back massage that promptly sent me to sleep and I awoke very refreshed and ready to float through my afternoon.


Rosanna sent me a follow-up email shortly after with instructions on how to do my at-home care and some sage advice around removing screens from my bedroom, doing massage before sleep and reminding me to trust in the ancient sacred work that can heal my body.

And before you go off thinking that we’ve now heard it all, we’ve officially come up with everything for women to spend money on, know this:

Vaginal steams have a long history of use by traditional healers in various parts of the world, especially in Central America. Their popularity has been steadily growing in the West, and for good reason – vaginal steams are considered beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, from painful periods to infertility to general organ health. They can help the uterus empty itself more completely, dislodging old tissue and blood that may have been there for months or even years.

Our conversation about this was quite enlightening, even after years of specialists’ appointments about this very area, I have little information about what is “normal”. I can’t wait for my next period as a result (god, who would have thought).

I’ll keep you posted on how I go (I’ve booked two more sessions).

Want To Get Steamy?

If you want to try this revolutionary vaginal steam for yourself and get risky of pesky PMS, then jump onto Flossie and look for Aroha Healing and book away!

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