#flossiefriday: Turn Up The Noise With Super Cali Fragilistic Nail Art!

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If you have been lucky enough to have put your handsies in front of Heather Vette you’ll know what I mean when I say how stand-out amazing this talented woman is. Seriously!

This incredible nail artist has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and every nail she creates, quite literally, is a work of art! Just LOOK at her Instagram!

I just adore these holographic nails Heather did for DJ Aroha, ready for Splore Festival this weekend:

Nails fit for a unicorn 🦄 @arohahaha's psychedelic @splorefestival nails.

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And, of course, love, love, love my own:

Watch my cute journey to nail heaven here:

While Heather (pictured) is amazing, not all nail artists are created equal. Heather doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she people come to her and show her own designs done by other nail technicians… badly!

I've seen people coming to me having given another artist my work to copy. It looks familiar but it's not executed in the right way. I think that a lot of people are not perfectionist enough so they cut timings and you can see things are rushed. I like to hand paint everything as opposed of taking shortcuts. I like the challenge of fine line work, the really detailed things. Glitter application is a passion of mine too. I love texture and really mixing up all the different possible textures on nails.


Photo by: Alison Brewer

Heather says one of the most important things that not all nail artists do, is paying huge attention to hygiene, such as using sanitised spray at the start of the experience and keeping sanitised tools in a sealed box, “so they don’t get tainted by dust and things like that”.

The most crucial thing however, adds Heather, is looking after the cuticles.

Infections can easily be caused when technicians cut the cuticles and skin creating wounds. And you really do not want that to happen!

Heather says she loves her job most when her clients leave feeling over the moon …Like the time she painted avocado nails for avo-obsessed Candy Pilcher:

when avocados are your life ft.most amazing freehand nails ever!

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She was in absolute awe when I started painting them. She was just so excited. That's when the job is really cool and you can make someone's day with designs.

But Heather warns against getting “dated” nail art for your wedding day.

Keep it simple and classic otherwise it's going to date in photos. Tastes and fashions will change over time. For example, diamantes straight away says dated.

She adds that it helps her a lot when you go in knowing what you want, or bring in photos of things you like. She then “makes a collaboration of all those ideas,” and it lets her know what your tastes are.


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