#flossiefriday: Is Your Next Beauty Love An Eyelash Lift?

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Once there was eyelash perming, now there is eyelash lifting. This is the new and very much improved beauty service where, instead of curling the lashes, the beautician applies treatments to lift them upwards, and curls them back for a better, longer looking lash result. And yes, it really lasts – up to 4-6 weeks – and includes a lash tin. So this is the perfect alternative to a eyelash extensions, and it only takes 60 minutes to do.

Here’s our step-by-step thanks to Joan at Fleek Refined Beauty, and make sure you grab our #flossiefriday nzgirl VIP exclusive special below, too!


Step 1

First we put a small amount of water-based adhesive on a silicone pad and attach this to the eyelid. These come in two different sizes, small and medium. This just depends on the desired lift look.

We then put some of the water-based adhesive onto the top of the silicone pad. The lashes adhere to the silicone pad ensuring each lash is going in the same direction.


Step 2

Applying the perming solution to the middle section of the eyelash. This will give the desired level of lift and curl. This will be left on for 10-15 minuets to set the solution.


Once the perming solution is on we then cover the lash area with some cling film and a towel.


Step 3

After removing the perming solution, we then apply a generous amount of setting lotion to the middle section of the lash. This will set the lashes. This is left on to set for 10 minutes.


Again we cover the lash area with some cling film and a towel. After the 10 minutes we remove the cling film and towel. We then apply nourishing oil to rejuvenate the lashes, and gently removes the adhesive from the silicone pad.


Step 4

The last step is to tint the lashes. This is done by putting a small tissue pad under both the top and bottom lashes. The eyelash tint is left on for 10 minutes.


Final results

Once you are all done the final result will give you a more open eyed look. And you don’t even need to wear any mascara.


What the Flossie fans say:

Eyelash lift makes me feel beautiful even when I’m not wearing makeup.
I prefer eyelash lift to extensions as I have very sensitive eyes and I find they don’t get irritated. Also, I love that they last for so long.


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