#flossiefriday: That Day I Got Mermaid Unicorn Hair

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If you’ve been following nzgirl for a while, you’ll know that I love coloured hair, my own and everyone else’s. Last June, thanks to the gals at Kokomo, I took my hair colour to a gorgeous, rich plummy tone and loved it!

And this Feb, I decided to go next level! With inspo from colour maestro and celebrity hair stylist, Guy Tang (pictured below), thanks to the Flossie crew, I went to ASC Salon for them to work their magic!

And, they were happy to take my (outrageous, let’s be honest) request and infuse their own style and talent to come up with my gorgeous new locks.

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Paul Mitchell POP XG

As it happened, my desire for new hurr fell on the eve of the launch of the fab new colour range into New Zealand of Paul Mitchell POG XG. This colour will blow your mind! It is g-g-g-gorgeous!!! Plus, these colours are so pigmented and vibrant, you can colour over already coloured hair.


Thankfully the amazing rep for Paul Mitchell, Virginia, was able to guide my super star stylist Jasmine through the brand spanking new POP XG colour collection (you may remember Jasmine from the stunning Balayage hair she gave Izzie, here).

POP XG has been in Australia for around a year, and the US and the UK for even longer, and it has proved hugely popular, so it’s awesome that it’s finally in Aotearoa. Paul Mitchell hails from the UK and began life as a Vidal Sassoon stylist then went on to create his own name brand products, which are famous for having no animal testing in the 1980s, which was unheard of at the time.


The Paul Mitchell company soon gained a rep for being innovative, creating a culture of philanthropy, planting trees, giving to charity and schools, and running activities for disadvantaged youth such as hip hop seminars.


My Drab To Fab Hair Process

To create my colour, the gals first used Olaplex to strengthen the bonds and structure of my hair (read about Olaplex, here). This process removed a lot of the colour already in my hair, which was excellent prep for adding in the new colour. Next they used Davines Glorifying Treatment Pre Colour to place a barrier between my skin and the colouring products. Then the gals applied a deep rich plum colour to my roots, and picked out layers to bleach. This was to create depth and variety on my final hair colour.

Once those colour had been successfully set, the gals washed and dried my hair, then created a “map” of where to apply colour so it wasn’t an ad hoc exercise. Next came the gorgeous colours: steel, teal, blue, purple and pink. And, well, the results speak for themselves, here…

My Journey In Pictures

nzgirl-paul-mitchell-POP-XG nzgirl-paul-mitchell-POP-XG nzgirl-paul-mitchell-POP-XG nzgirl-paul-mitchell-POP-XG nzgirl-paul-mitchell-POP-XG nzgirl-paul-mitchell-POP-XG nzgirl-paul-mitchell-POP-XG

My Verdict

I love, love, LOVE my hair! If I could, I’d be in the salon every three weeks changing it up all the time (so I’m currently recruiting a hair stylist boyfriend if there are any takers out there…?). Plus, the incredible blow dry by Jasmine, and then later cut and blow dry from co-owner of ASC Salon, Steve, took my hair next level amazing. And great news, it’s been around four weeks since I had the colour and it’s faded out to beautiful pastel blues, steels and lilacs, which I love. All in all, I cannot recommend you stepping up your hair game enough with the skills of ASC Salon and the lush products from Paul Mitchell’s POP XG collection.


See more of this fab new hurr, here!

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If you’re ready to get your next level look, I cannot recommend ASC Salon and Paul Mitchell POP XG enough. And if you’re worried about “what work thinks,” just pop your hair into a top knot (like this) and you’ll be sweet! Gran our nzgirl Flossie VIP promo code for $20 off any Creative Colour from ASC using the code: ASC2X on your smartphone here. Plus see all the Flossie treatments you could treat yourself to, here.

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