#FLOSSIEFRIDAY: 5 Luxe Moisturisers That Will Save Your Autumn Skin

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One of the best reasons to submit your beauty care to the professionals is that not only are they the experts who know what they’re doing with your precious bods, but they sell top-of-the-line products that they know how to use.

So while you’re getting your pampering treatment, they’re on the job understanding your skin and pulling together a list of the products you need to optimise your skin’s potential.

Plus, when the seasons change, your skin changes too becoming sensitive to changes in weather. For a lot of people this means a drying out of the skin, so much more care and love needs to be put back into your precious bod. So here’s our 5 Luxe Moisturisers That Will Save Your Autumn Skin!


Shelley Stewart

Tailor Skincare products are absolutely stunning and will love your skin possibly more than you do, and that’s why Shelley Stewart use this gorgeous Kiwi brand. Not only are they made from life-giving natural plant ingredients that nourish your skin, but Tailor began in 2011 when founder and #girlboss extraordinaire Sara Quilter set up a Kenwood mixer in her dad’s garage. Today the range has eight lush products with a promise of more delish goodies to come.


Belle Image

Ultraceuticals is a high performance, natural skincare range made in Australia created by scientist Dr Heber, who wanted to neither damage the environment nor your skin. He was also the first Australasian distributor of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products, plus the range is 100% cruelty-free. The team at Belle Image understand the benefits of this premium Ultaceuticals brand and can tailor the best products for your skin’s glowing health.


GLB Medi Spa

Italian brand OSAÌNE was founded in 1939 and is focussed on keeping your skin as youthful as possible. It’s invested heavily in research on skin-ageing and created a brand that combats the damage caused by extreme weather conditions, cigarette smoke and pollution, which cause free radicals and age your skin. The team at GLB Medi Spa love this brand and want to share it’s goodness with you so you can keep your luminous glow.


Shape Beauty

The gals at Shape Beauty Therapy have handpicked a range of premium beauty products for affordability, quality and that they know work. Among them is famous Indian Ayurvedic natural skincare brand Biotique. It’s founded on the 5000-year-old Ayurvedic principles of the “science of life”. This is a time-tested holistic system that treats the total individual and looks at all aspects from a healthy mind, body, spirit and senses.


Forme Spa

Forme Spa places enormous emphasis on each client having a personalised, luxurious treatment tailored to them, and that’s why BABOR products are at the top of its list for client skin treatment. This German spa essentials brand is a pioneer in professional skincare, which began in 1956 and has maintained its quest for beauty perfection with its tailor-made treatments designed for scientifically proven results.


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