#FLOSSIEFRIDAY: 5 Hot Nail Trends You’ll Want This Winter

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Nail art is more swag than ever so to get your digits excited, we’ve found the 5 hottest nail trends you’ll want this winter PLUS 5 amazing nail artist’s Instagram accounts to follow.

I spoke to one of our fave nail artists Heather Vette to get the top trends reigning supreme in the decorative world of nail art. Heather says look out for nudes in high gloss and matte, and very dark colours, such a rich midnight blues and blacks, using texture and matte, as well as half moon cuticle art, and a fresh approach to the classic French manicure.

1. String Art

Heather says “you’ll see this trend everywhere”. It’s Picasso-esque free-flowing line drawings. Here’s another stylised version by Vanity Projects, and another here by So Hot Right Nail. Heather adds that she was inspired by this actual string art (pictured below) – yep, using wire – created by Unistella but is more practical and lasts longer, she says.


Art by Unistella

2. Lines + French Manicure With A Twist

This season is all about strong line work, says Heather, and when paired with a fresh approach to the French manicure the result is stunning. Here’s another line work version minus the French Manicure by So Hot Right Nail using metallic rose gold cuffs. And what’s not to love in this block colour line work by M.P. Nails?


Art by Unistella

3. Dark Matte + Piercings

Piercing and nail art has not been seen since the ’90s, but like all ’90s fashion, it’s back. Heather says it’s all about playing the strengths of dark matte nails and letting the piercings steal the show against the dramatic matte backdrop.


Art by M.P.Nails

4. Half Moon Cuticle Detail

Accentuating the cuticle is an elegant yet playful modern look for your nails, and when paired with a modern twist on the French manicure it’s all class. Cuticle art is the perfect way to showcase gorgeous nails and experiment with metallics, texture and colour, like this playful art by Unistella (pictured below). Heather says she’s excited to experiment with different expressions of the French manicure.


Art by Unistella

5. Matte + Texture

The matte nail rules this season, says Heather, and looks magical in pale colours, ombre and rich darks. The nude below was inspired by the Himalayan Salt Lamp and includes texture paint detail with a matte overlay. And I’m loving this statement matte ombre look by So Hot Right Nail (pictured below).


Here’s our 5 HOTTEST fave Nail Artist to follow on Instagram

1. Heather Vette Heather Vette Makeup & Nails


2. Unistella


3. Vanity Projects


4. M.P. Nails


5. So Hot Right Nail


PLUS… remember that time we got our nails did by Heather Vette?

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