#FLOSSIEFRIDAY: 3 Hot Hair Colours To Brighten Up Your Winter

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Gals! It’s hairpiration time and we have some awesome new hair trends you’re going to want to get on board. And before you say “not for me,” just imagine what dialling up your hair game could mean when you don your compulsory Kiwi black winter threads? Exactly!

So to stoke up the fires of your imagination, here’s all the #hairspo you need to make a change.


Blonde + Orange = Blorange

This hair colour is #hairgoals to suit every girl. Blorange has taken its predecessor, the subtle rose gold, up a level. It’s striking, sassy, sexy and will make you stand out from the rest with a classy new look. It’s so classic, you can be a bold new you without feeling like you’ve stepped too far out of your comfort levels.

Find more blorange #hairpiration on Instagram here



When it comes to green hair, we’re talking teals, forest and oceans greens, and for the more daring of you, grass, moss and fluoro greens. Mix it up with other greens, or other colours, or create a subtle ombré with your own lovely locks. Green is gorgeous, as will you be when you chance it with the lucky colour of the Irish!

Jump on Pinterest for green hair inspo here


Auburn + Brown = Aubrown

If you’re loving your brown hair but it needs some winter warmth, then the deep, sexy tones of mahogany, auburn browns will definitely lift your locks. Think copper, with chocolate and rich rimu all blended into one stunning textured look. Whether your hair is short, or long, this is perfect for career gals wanting to dazzle in meetings with its sophisticated charm.

Chase your aubrown goals on Google here

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