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It’s #flossiefriday and with summer hols for many of us just 5 weeks away, we turned our attention to Brazilian waxes. Should you? Shouldn’t you? And when did all this hair removal business start?

greekThe history of grooming pubic hair is fascinating and possibly dates back to 3000 BC with copper razors discovered in Egypt and Mesopotamia, while in Ancient Greece having pubic hair was considered “uncivilised”. And dating back to the 1500s, renaissance art regularly depicted female nudes completely hair-free.

More recently, the grooming of female pubic hair coincides with the first bikinis in 1946. And while there was a very temporary hair revival in the early part of the ’70s, the trend to groom has continued.

The word “Brazilian” came into being when seven sisters from Brazil, Jocely, Jonice, Janea, Joyce, Juracy, Jussara and Judeseia, opened their J Sisters salon in New York and introduced the waxing treatment to New Yorkers. Jonice says on the website: “In Brazil, waxing is part of our culture because bikinis are so small. We thought it was an important service to add because personal care is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.”

And when in the late ’90s, when J Sisters featured Gwyneth Paltrow on its website saying “You’ve changed my life!” the trend for women to take it all off became more common, with the deal being sealed in the early 2000s with Sex and the City popularising the practice.


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The Inside Word From Caci Viaduct

Today, having a Brazilian is mainstream, and while it doesn’t suit everyone it’s a must for others. So we decided to chat to the gals at Caci Viaduct to get the down low on the Brazilian wax… and why shaving may not be the solution you think it is!

What’s the difference to hair growth between shaving our hair versus waxing it?
Shaving will always encourage a stronger hair growth and can increase you chances of in-grown hairs, whereas waxing over time can weaken the hair, as long as done correctly.

Is it better to wax than shave? And if so, why?
Waxing is always the better option as you are hair free for longer, your skin is left feeling a lot smoother, the hair weakens and chances of nasty in-grown hairs are much less likely.

What’s the difference between shaving and regularly waxing over time?
Shaving over time will make the hair appear thicker and courser and is only a temporary solution, waxing will slowly lessen the growth, therefore reducing the density of the hair.


How have “hair down there” trends changed since you have been a beautician?
With TV shows like Sex and The City, women are more comfortable to be adventurous with extending their bikini line further in, more and more.

What’s the most popular Brazilian trend – a landing strip or all off?
Most women request the ‘all off, front + back’ but some do still like to hold on to a strip.

What sort of after care helps prevent in-grown hairs developing?
Keeping the area hydrated and regularly exfoliated (2-4 per week) will help prevent in-grown hairs, though some people are a lot more prone than others and this is where VPL Permanent Hair Reduction is the best option as they will avoid nasty scarring from reoccurring in-growns.

braz-12How often should we book in for a Brazilian?
Every 4-6 weeks as this is the pubic hair growth cycle, leaving it longer than 6 weeks will result in a more painful wax, and not as thorough a treatment as not all the hairs will be able to be picked up as they will be in different stages of growth.

How short or long should your hair be before you book another Brazilian?
1-2 cm long is ideal as the wax needs to be able to encapsulate the hair. If the hair is a lot longer the waxing treatment can be a lot more painful as other hairs can get caught in the wax. Ouch!

What do you say to people who have never had a Brazilian and are shy or embarrassed?
We have seen it all before, so don’t worry! A good therapist will walk you through exactly what you need to do and make you feel at ease.


How important is it for people to choose their Brazilian beautician carefully?
Hygiene is number 1! Also, choosing a fully qualified therapist is very important, and you need to go somewhere that makes you feel comfortable.

What horror stories are there if we gals don’t go to a fully qualified and registered beauty therapist?
We’ve heard of a therapist accidentally elbowing the client in the face, and the client left with not only the hair removed but also a black eye. Another story we’ve heard was a client was desperate to get a wax and had it done while travelling in Asia. Not only was the wax old and had been used on someone else (!!), but they tipped the entire pot of hot wax over her bikini area to perform the treatment – it took the client weeks to fully remove all of the wax!

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