#FLOSSIEFRIDAY: 5 Myths Of Laser Hair Removal Debunked

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I was chatting with some gal pals on Saturday night, and of the four of us, two had had laser hair removal. And they raved about it. They both had actually permanent Brazilians, which of course, doesn’t suit everyone, but was ideal for them.

Laser hair removal is not something I’d previously considered, so I thought I’d take a closer look and share it here. And, I have discovered that it’s not the cloak and daggers mystery I thought it was, it’s actually a practical solution to removing any hair that you don’t want and that you don’t want to remove by any other means.

What The Bleep Is It?

The phrase “laser hair removal” is now the accepted, umbrella term for all the various services that remove hair. About Face for example, uses IPL, which it explains here:

Throw out your razor! IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) offers safe, clinically proven, long-term reduction of dark hair on the face, back, chest, underarms, legs and bikini line. Visible light from our Ellipse I2PL or Quantum IPL machines is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and converted to heat, destroying the follicle. The sensation is like a faint sting followed by warmth, similar to that of a rubber band flicking the skin.


MYTH 1: It’s Too Expensive

Wrong! While laser hair removal used to be expensive now it’s not. While one of my gals had hair removal at the time that it was pricey, now when she needs to remove a few strays, it costs around $20-30 per session. When you begin your treatment sessions, some areas are as low as $60 per session. Which is cheap in the scheme of bikini waxes and Brazilians. So before you write it off, get a consultation – you may be surprised!

MYTH 2: It’s Ineffective

Laser hair removal, IPL, and all its iterations, works. It really does! IPL converts from light waves into heat in the pigments of the hair and destroys the hair follicle, so that the hair can no longer grow. Make sure before you seek treatment you get the right one. IPL, for example, is great for olive skin, pale skin, Asian skin, but sometimes electrolysis is more suited for people with black or very dark skin, and those with extremely fair or white hair.


MYTH 3: It’s Painful

Laser hair removal is not painful. If you’ve ever been flicked with a rubber band, then you know how it feels. So think very small sting sensation followed by heat.

MYTH 4: It Takes Too Much Time

Wrong. Did you know that some researchers have estimated that time spent by the average woman shaving, waxing, threading and tweezing across a woman’s lifetime is 72 days in total? That’s crazy. Instead, to permanently remove hair, you’re looking at from 6-12 treatments at around 4-6 weeks apart. Removing hair from your lips and chin area takes only a matter of seconds, the thighs, arms and back can be treated in under an hour. So within less than a year, your hair is gone, gone, gone, and you can reclaim those 72 days!


MYTH 5: It Only Works On Small Areas

Wrong. The technology is so advanced now that it can work on both small and large areas. So laser hair removal is as effective on the face, bikini area, underarms, hands and toes as it is on thighs, arms and the back.

Where To Go?

Now that we’ve busted the myths, what are you waiting for? Our tried and testes faves for getting laser hair removal are:

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