#FITSPO: Why You Need To Do Do Strength And Resistance Training

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Cardio is excellent fitness but we need to create a strong, effective, functionally moving body and this can only be achieved through strength training. Get to the gym, or book a personal trainer and learn what you need to do. When you know, buy some weights and do reps at home.

From age 40 muscle mass reduces year on year, (10 per cent each decade!), and to keep your body mobile and strong so you can live a full life, you need to build strength training into your life before your muscle becomes useless fat and you can’t do what you want to do.

Think core strength to hold your spine, neck agility to hold your head up, back strength to pull, chest strength to push, thigh and calf strength to walk up and down hills. You need it; it’s important, so prioritise it.


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