#fitspo: Discover The Exercise Giving Supermodels & Athletes The Edge

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Fancy achieving your top bod in just 20 minutes and with your instructor advising a maximum of just two workouts per week?


If you’re saying “Yeah, right”, read on because not only is this a legit exercise routine but it’s been operating all over the world for decades, and it’s finally landed in New Zealand thanks to fu/nis EMS Training thanks to total #girlboss and entrepreneur Catrina Kuehler (pictured above), who says of this new exercise activity:

EMS training is more than a new fitness fad, it’s a new exercise category that gives you time back in your day.


So What Is It?

The exercise is called Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS training, and the 20 minute workout is equivalent to 60-90 minutes at your gym, cross fit or other high intensity training sessions.

It’s the same exercise that has given sports celebs world record sprinter, Usain Bolt, and tennis legend Roger Federer use to get the edge in their sports where everything makes a difference.

EMS training is highly effective because it mimics what the brain and body normally do during a gym workout but at a much more intense level. The agonist (primary), antagonist (secondary) and deeper-lying muscles are all simultaneously stimulated.

The principles of EMS is not new, and it has been used rehabilitation by physiotherapists and osteopaths since the 1960s because the low-frequency impulses exclusively activate the skeletal muscles needed for targeted patient treatment. And it works!


See below for what I thought of the experience. But first, I talked with Catrina to find out more…

1. Why only 20 minutes?

Your muscles experience much more intensive stimuli with EMS training than they would for the same amount of time in an conventional gym. You get a full-body workout through the simultaneous tensioning of all major muscle groups (up to 90% of your muscles) and the stabilising muscles which are hard to reach with classic methods. Your body is worked against higher intensity and tires quicker, thus only needing 20 minutes of workout time.

Additionally, EMS training targets the whole body at once due to the electrode placement on the EMS gear. The other great thing about is it that you can stimulate certain areas more or less – the training is all about the individual needs.

2. How does it work?

EMS training or Electro Muscle Stimulation mimics what the brain and body normally does during a gym workout, just at a higher rate. The agonist (primary), antagonist (secondary) and deeper-lying muscles are all simultaneously stimulated. The principles of Electro Muscle Stimulation are not a new trend, as EMS has been used since the 1960’s in rehabilitation by physios, osteopaths and many other different health professionals. This shows how trusted the technology is where the low-frequency impulses exclusively activate the skeletal muscles.


3. Which areas does EMS tone and strengthen?

EMS training is a full-body workout as it targets your major muscle groups. Up to 90% of your muscles are activated at once. You are able to dial individual areas up or down to personalise the training to your own needs.

4. How often is EMS training needed each week?

We recommend to do 1 to 2 sessions max per week due to the high intensity nature of the workout. Allow for 48 hours of rest between each EMS session. You’ll be able to see results with just one session a week.

5. Are there any famous celebrities and sports people doing EMS?

As well as Usain Bolt and Roger Federer using EMS so too are Madonna, Spiderman Tom Holland, Game of Thrones star Carice Van Houten and Victoria Secret model Lindsay Ellingson (pictured above, top).


What We Thought of EMS

I had a go at EMS training and FIVE things stood out for me:

  • I could really feel my muscles working
  • You don’t sweat so no need for a shower afterwards
  • The space suit is hilarious and means you don’t even need to wear, wear out (or wash!) your own workout gear
  • It felt like being massaged by a thousand bees (for me, an epic sensation!!)
  • My muscles reeeeeally felt they’d exercised for two days afterwards

I reckon if you’re time poor this is the perfect exercise to tone and strengthen your bod – esp buns and thighs. It’s fun, you can work hard, and the trainers keep you motivated throughout the session. Before you know it, you’re out the door and getting on with your day.

EMS training would be perfect on its own and even better to complement your normal exercise activity.

HOT TIP: If you’ve got a wedding coming up, this might be the ideal way to fast track that must-fit-into-that-dress goal.

Read all about the fu/nis EMS training here and follow the team in Facebook and Instagram




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