WIN: Make Like Paris Hilton And Win The Sodastream Power Worth $299

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While Saturday’s viral video “launching” Paris Hilton’s Nano Drop was an April Fool’s hoax (unfortunately no, there is no nano water that is 5000 times more hydrating than regular water), it spread a strong message about single use plastic bottles.

Watch the video here

The video was created by SodaStream, which is a company strongly advocating for the use of tap water and SodaStream so as a planet, we can stop the devastating flow of plastic bottle pollution contaminating our land and sea.

Star Paris has been a SodaStream fan since she was a child, and says of her involvement in the hoax:

I loved working on this SodaStream campaign, as it delivers a really important message in a funny way that empowers everyone to make better choices and promotes a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. In today's world, carrying home plastic water bottles is unnecessary when we have a great alternative in SodaStream.



We have a premium SodaStream Power to give away, worth $299.99. This chic sexy beast will look stunning on your kitchen countertop, and it enables you to make fresh, sparkling water at the touch of a button.


To be in with a chance to have this bad boy in your home, just tell us how you’d flavour your soda water if you won. (Hint: Read this!)

Competition closes Monday 10 April 2017



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