READ, WATCH, LISTEN: Why This Movie Is Not Your Typical Love Story

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Once again, Luc Besson has created a masterpiece. He has artfully brought to life Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets from its humble pages of Valerian and Laureline. The beginning of this movie immediately hooks you by taking you to a faraway planet that replicates the Bahamas. An ethereal alien princess gives you an inkling of what living on this beautiful island, with its crystal clear waters, sandy shores and beautiful pearls. This is just before tragedy strikes and the planet is wiped away. This vision is presented to Valerian in the future as a dream. Now it rests upon him to help restore this planet.

Valerian’s journey takes you between dimensions that are imaginative and incredible. Each dimension caters to a different type of alien. The graphics in this are so realistic that you are left feeling like you’re in a different world and not in your seat. In addition to this, the action packed sequences will certainly get your heart racing. Watching this in 3-D definitely made me forget that I was of this earth. When I took off my glasses, I was hesitant to get back to reality.


The protagonists, an awkward-in-love Valerian played by Dane DeHaan and a very witty Laureline played by Cara Delevingne add a heaping teaspoon of charm to the movie. I am happy to report that the romance in this movie is unconventional, yet heartwarming.


Amongst all of the action and romance, the movie questions how far mankind would go for glory. It makes you think about the planet we live on now and how we take care of it. It also makes you question how we would take care of other planets we find and may inhabit. It showcases invaluable lessons, such as the importance of trust in a relationship. Valerian also reminds us that bravery and honesty go hand in hand.

Valerian is a movie that is sure to please everyone. It is out in theatres on Thursday, 10 August.  Make sure you grab your tickets ASAP.



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