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The third installment of Babe Sounds – Sounds For Babes features the new album by Charly Bliss.

Charly Bliss are a band speeding ever upward on their trajectory to being the new darlings of the music world.
Bouncing around the fringes of critical success since their formation in 2014, their latest release, ‘Guppy‘, showcases their already established brand of smart-cool, tongue-in-cheek, pop with a confidence that immediately shakes off any cynicism a listener might lend to a band that might initially be described as ‘bubbly’.
This most recent (and first full length) album is an undeniably accomplished success. For a self released album to garner such unabashed praise across the board is a rare, and exciting thing.

Their sound is something akin to the candy namesake of the pop-rock genre they contribute to – a bit of sparkle, a bit of fizz, a bit of crunch. Sweet, but serves a bite. Imagine Kat Stratford of ‘10 Things I Hate About You‘s favourite band, were the movie set in 2017.
Frontwoman, Eva Hendricks, purrs saccharine, while her lyricism is anything but. From tropes of the more laughable aspects of lusty desperation (on ‘Black Hole‘: “Take me on a date, take me anywhere, was I insane? Purple in the face, laughing all the way home”), to an anxious reality check on ‘Glitter‘ (“Am I the best? Or just the first person to say yes?”), the album travels lyrically from strength to relatable strength.
The guitar and bass duo of Spencer Fox and Dan Shure soars from track to track like a classic car, Sam Hendricks’ drums fleshing out the sound with joyfully carefree rhythms, never overdone or overpolished, but avoiding generally tiresome ‘lo-fi’ messiness.

The confident opener, ‘Percolator‘, sets the tone for the album as a whole – a key feature of which is ‘accessible, accessible, accessible’ (in a complimentary way, of course), as the album focuses on brilliant pop sensibility, not needlessly complicated song structures.
Lyrically, no new ground is broken, as much is kept within the evergreen confines of love, lust, and jealousy, but the endless stream of clever, cutting hyperbole and euphemisms, keeps listeners interested and feeling like they’re ‘in on it’.

Discovering this band entirely by chance through the song ‘Black Hole‘, I feel I’m appropriately fanatic about this track because of this introduction – I don’t think I listened to anything but this one track for two weeks straight. Awestruck by the sheer perfection from start to end, urging anybody that would listen to check it out. A humming guitar tone and totally nonsensical lyrical themes throughout, the track even manages to crank it up a notch with a fist-pump worthy key change to close.

Album closer, ‘Julia‘ is as close to melancholic as Charly Bliss has attempted thus far – and it’s absolutely beautiful. Emotive, relatable, sad but not woeful, still a bit of a ‘kick’ to the tone of the song, Eva not yet resigned to defeat at the hands of the song’s namesake.

Guppy‘ has won a devoted fan, I couldn’t be more excited about what this band does next.


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