#FITSPO: Just for LOLs….

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We were scouring #fitspo on Instagram and jumped high off our Swiss Ball when we saw this Insta pic (above). Ummm, what? Turns out Instagal @jessicafit posts this sort of tempting delight all the time and manages to stay trim.

This is what Jessica says about it

“🇬🇧 Good morning everyone! This morning, I post you a small tower of pancakes still stuffed with apples and quite simple with Maltesers 😍 This morning I’m heading to the gym early because then I need to do a general check-up at the doctor and then I’m gonna stay at my parents place two days!

“🔸 Question of the day from @lune_fit: “What are your favorite sports models ? Who motivates you the most ?” When I started bodybuilding, my models were like many people @kayla_itsines or @soniatlevfitness! But today, a year and a half later, I notice that I prefer the bodies which are muscled & well shaped with some volume. My dream body would be @deniceemoberg or @nikkiblackketter 😍

“And for the motivation, it’s definitely @lexi_deyoung (who, like me, struggles to gain weight) & @dianasfitdiary whose I love the YouTube videos and they are two girls who make me laugh and know how to live and just have fun following their passion 🤗”


So yup… maybe a diet of Maltesers and stacked pancakes is the way to go!

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