#FASHIONFIX: Get Your Voice Heard With These Sassy Tanks + WIN!

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Eskimo Nell is more than just a tee shirt brand, it’s a voice! This sassy Kiwi-designed brand carries a message with every tank, tee and tot’s onesie. “A’ma holla of Girl Power from the rooftops,” kind of message.

The incredibly talented and amazing gals behind Eskimo Nell, Ashleigh Turley and Marnie Hillier (read about them here on The Style Insider) have now gone next level in preparation for International Women’s Day.


They say…

Eskimo Nell was born as a reminder for women that they are mighty, powerful, sassy beings who can do whatever they bleep they like, with zero bleeps given. We believe that we sisters need to band together, to dig deep and show the world what we are made of.

Forget sugar, spice and all things nice, we are made of so much more than that and it's about time that we all start believing it!!! We are made of the tough stuff – the toughest stuff. We are made of grit, tenacity and empathy, but most importantly we are made of love and we all know that love never fails!


Ash and Marnie believe that with everything that’s going on in the world, now more than ever it’s important that Eskimo Nell reflected and resonated with women from all ethnic backgrounds.

Why? So we can all flip the bird to patriarchy, judgement and a certain president who is trying to quash women’s rights.

Grab yours online here and enter to WIN one here from The Style Insider before Friday 10 March 2017!

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