A Stylish Wave Changing Activewear for Women in 2017

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Health is becoming more and more important to Americans. Many are taking up new diets and others are seeing the importance of staying fit, which means exercise clothes. The only problem is most fitness-centered clothing is not stylish. Women want functional exercise clothes that allows them to feel like themselves. The following are some of the newest trends hitting the market.


You might have imagined that this particular style was long gone, but it is coming back slowly. Now, most of the unitards that are purchased are not loud. This means they are usually one color and usually muted. The look is sophisticated and will look great on you when you exercise. The best thing about this is you do not have to worry about matching too many pieces when you choose to wear your unitard.

Trippy Prints

Now, there are a number of people out there who want to stand out just a bit. These people are looking for a piece that is abnormal and, thankfully, a new trend is here to satisfy this want. The prints on leggings are becoming a little more wild or wacky. Now, it is important to keep the rest of your getup as muted as possible to make sure your pants stand out.

The Sweats

You have probably been accustomed to relaxing at home with sweats while you smoke your favorite flavored e-cig. You probably prefer to keep your sweats and your e-liquid tanks at home, but things are changing this year. Wearing cute and cozy sweats is now acceptable, especially if your workouts are not too rigorous. E-cigs are more acceptable in the world, too, so stop worrying about what should be kept at home and what should not.

Shredded Look

A new look that is taking the workout world by storm is the shredded look. The look is edgy, which is something every woman wants, and it can be easily incorporated into most workout clothes. Now, it is important for you to not overdo it. Wear a shredded top with a regular bottom or vice versa. This is a great way to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank since you will likely find these pieces at a pretty reasonable price. The prints should not be too wild since the look is already shredded, which could make the piece unwearable.

Crop Tops

A lot of people thought the crop tops were left in the 90s, but they are making a comeback as athletic wear. That high neckline creates a whole different look that most people are not accustomed to in today’s day and age. It should give you a stylish and sassy look while you are working out. Crop tops can be easily matched up with your leggings or your regular bottoms. Remember, do not choose prints that are too wild unless your leggings are bland. Again, this is another case teaching the valuable lesson that less is more when it comes to styling yourself.

These are just some of the new trends making their way into gyms across the United States. Of course, these are not the only trends out there. For example, the harem bottoms are making a pretty loud splash. These pants are like a blend between those old ‘Hammer pants’ and sari pants from India. People do not normally wear loose pants such as these when working out, but they seem to be incredibly comfortable, flexible, and breathable. It is easy to see why people are loving these pants. Hopefully, some of these trends help guide you in the right direction and you are able to find outfits that help you express yourself.



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