5 Life-Changing Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs to Try

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Every woman is looking for a way to help improve their fashion and their overall life. If you are known for spilling things on yourself or even just struggling with your wardrobe, then there are a few hacks that you can use to help you get control of your fashion and your confidence.

Removing Stains

It happens to everyone. You’re just about to leave the house, and you drop your favorite red lipstick on your brand new white blouse. It might seem impossible to get out of that white shirt, but it’s not. Before you head out to spray some 409 cleaner on your blouse. This cleaner is a well-known stain fighter for stoves and countertops, but you can even use it to remove nasty stains from your clothing as well. Be sure to wash them thoroughly after spraying with 409, and remember to spray the stain quickly to get the best results.

Wait to Wear

If you have just ironed your favorite shirt or dress, then you probably are like others who get annoyed with the fresh ironing job gets ruined by fresh wrinkles before you even leave the house. A good rule of thumb to follow is to wait at least five minutes after you iron your clothes before putting them on. Waiting till they cool helps to set the press before you wear them and avoid fresh wrinkles before you even leave for work or your event. Try ironing your clothes before doing anything else. This will give your clothes time to cool down before you put them on.

Get Comfy

One of the biggest fashion hacks for those who work in an office or constantly have to wear dressy clothes for events, then getting comfy is probably the last of your worries when it comes to your fashion. There’s no need to fear because one of the biggest fashion hacks is getting comfortable. Many new outfits and styles are created nowadays with comfort in mind. Instead of opting for your traditional clothing choices, why not try something a little more on the comfy side of outfits from LuLaRoe. Their comfortable and stylish clothing is perfect for the office but feel as though you are still in your pajamas.

Break in the Shoes

It is never easy trying to break in your new shoes, flats or heels. However, there is a quick hack that makes it much easier and less painful to break into your new shoes without all the pain. Grab your new shoes, a pair of socks, and your blow dryer. Slip on the socks and stick your feet down into your new shoes. Blow dry the shoes to help them break in without you having to suffer through the painful break-in process.

Break in the Jacket

You’ve just bought a brand new leather jacket, but it’s stiff and difficult to wear. Leather can seem incredibly difficult to break it, but it’s not that hard. The best way to break in your leather jacket is by getting it wet. Often, people suggest wearing it in the rain since that the is the most effective way to get the entire jacket wet. All you have to do is dry it off and feel how much more manageable your leather jacket is now.


When it comes to fashion, it is always exciting to find new hacks that help make the fashion world a little easier to manage. The quick tips above are perfect for helping you get through the day, take care of your clothes, and just have a fabulous wardrobe that even the icons would be proud of. From breaking into your shoes and jacket to getting rid of nasty stains, it isn’t as hard to get an amazing wardrobe as you think. Just take a minute to try a few of these amazing fashion hacks that every woman should try at least once in their life.


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