#FASHIONFIX: Vans Celebrates Vans!

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Vans has yelled a great big rallying WOOP to all it’s loyal fans and supporters since 1966. It’s a celebration of YOU culture, that whatever you want and do, that there’s a Van for you.

Off the Wall is a rallying cry for self-expression. From art and music to skating and surfing we’re showcasing the people who inspire us with their creativity, authenticity, and passion.

When Vans opened for business in 1966, Paul Van Doren made the bold promise to create affordable, quality footwear for everyone. And since then we’ve been introduced to the Authentic, the Era, Old Skool, Sk8-Hi and Classic Slip-On, the five iconic sneaks loved by Vans lovers far and wide.

Pretty much everybody has a Vans story… one of my most recent memorable Vans moments was these Hello Kitty Vans which I wore until they died.

nzgirl-vans-05 nzgirl-vans-04 nzgirl-vans-03 nzgirl-vans-02 nzgirl-vans-01

Watch the vid here:


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