#FASHIONFIX: We Get Into Jamie McDell’s Pants… For Realsies!

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We frickin’ love Jamie McDell. And now, while the rest of us rug up, this talented singer songwriter, surfer and conservationist has striped down to her knickers as the new all-Kiwi gal BONDS ambassador.

Jamie takes up the reigns just as BONDS shares its new campaign MASH UP – the freedom to mash, mix and clash different patterns together. We pinned down the busy #girlboss to ask about her about inspo, her music, and dem pants!

Although Jamie is well travelled and cosmopolitan, it is her innate Kiwi-ness and down to earth nature that shines. Selected as a very ‘hands on’ Official Ambassador for Surf Life Saving New Zealand, and with a raft of charitable works under her belt, Jamie is anything but your usual cut and dried pop star.


How did you first get into music/singing?

I grew up in a musical family, not professional but just a family that enjoyed getting out the guitar
and having sing-a-longs all the time. That paired with a big imagination as a young child meant I was
starting to write my own songs at about 7 years old. The first instrument I actually picked up, believe
it or not, was the trumpet. However, I soon found out it was pretty tricky to play the trumpet and
sing at the same time! Guitar made more sense.

Do you find inspiration in your surroundings?

At the moment, I’m based in Auckland, most people that have been following my music career will
know that I’m an ocean enthusiast and much prefer being close to a good longboarding break but
duty calls in the city! Being around busy people gives me a lot more inspiration, more stories pop up
and stress for me always brings on songs. When I’m too relaxed, my mind is usually taking a break
from overthinking – a trait I believe is actually helpful as a songwriter.


Tell us a bit about your conservation work? How do support this and when did you start?

The ocean and activities which surround it have been a huge part of my upbringing. I spent a few
years growing up sailing the Mediterranean, getting my SCUBA license as early as possible and
joining a Surf Club has meant I’ve been exposed to the affects humans have on the marine

Once I started gaining some momentum in my musical career it was obvious to me to try and use
some of that exposure to highlight some of the issues I’m really passionate about. I’ve been lucky to
have done work with quite a few of New Zealand’s great organisations such as Sustainable
Coastlines, WWF New Zealand, and Sea Shepheard NZ but I would say one of the biggest things for
me now is inspiring young people and particularly my following to experience the outdoors
themselves and develop their own personal connections and reasons to want to protect it.


How long have you been wearing BONDS for?

I remember Bonds being my choice of underwear since high school, I’m a colour and comfort fan!

What do you like to mix and mash in your everyday life?

Naturally being a musician can put you in both low and high intensity situations and I quite enjoy
that contrast. I like having busy days but make sure I pair that with a walk or swim near the ocean or
a quiet night in making dinner.


Why is mixing and mashing important for young Kiwi girls?

Freedom to express yourself the way you want to is so important for young Kiwi girls to develop
their own sense of creativity and confidence in themselves. The world is moving forward and we’re
breaking traditions every day to celebrate individuality and diversity. As a musician, it certainly feels
like a much more inspiring space than ever before, the more we mix and mash the better.


To celebrate MASH UP, BONDS has teamed up with Snapchat to create a series of bespoke filters featuring the collection. Get your Snap on from this Thursday 27 July with florals and tropical designs. The knickers are out now!



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