#FASHIONFIX: Fine Line Tattoo Art You’ll Want On Your Bod!

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I am very excited!! It’s winter, so I’m getting a new tattoo – my 10th. And I am most excited that my new ink is with artist Jessica Joy from Alt Ink.

Jessica Joy Milner (pictured below) is based in Auckland at Town Hall Tattoo and she specialises in fine line illustration, ornamental and botanical art tattooing.


Jessica Joy grew up in a small Northland town surrounded by creativity, nature with her family’s alternative lifestyle.

As far back as I can remember art has always been a big part of my life and now entering into my fifth year as a tattoo artist I feel privileged that I have been able to turn my passion into a career.

Jessica Joy says there’s never a dull moment.

I love tattooing! I love every aspect of it. The thing I love the most is seeing a person walk through the door one way and walk out changed, not just from the image on their skin, but mentally and spiritually. I feel honoured that I have the opportunity to practice this special trade and share these pieces of permanence.
Peace, love and ink.

So I asked Jessica Joy about fine line tattoos, her most memorable tattoo moments, and what you need to know when you’re planning your tattoo. The photos are some of Jessica Joy’s beautiful work.


1. How many tattoos do you have?

Currently my count sits at seven, however I am soon to embark on the journey of getting a full leg sleeve and back piece… Wish me luck haha.

2. What was your first and how did you choose it?

My first tattoo was an illustration from Faeries by Brian Froud. This was one of my favourite books growing up and Froud is a big artistic inspiration for me so it seemed only fitting to get a piece of his tattooed.


3. What is fine line tattooing, and is it a trend or here to stay?

I guess fine line tattooing is in a way a minimalist yet ornate approach to tattooing. Fine line tattoos can have incredible amounts of detail in them without being ‘loud’ about it and I think this is what has made this way of tattooing so popular. Is it just a trend..? Hmmm I don’t think so. Advances in tattoo technology and the ongoing demand for delicate tattoos has allowed this style to find its place in the industry and I definitely think its here to stay.

4. What’s your absolute favourite tattoo that you’ve done and why?

Ooo now as an artist this is a really hard question for me! I don’t really have favourite tattoos as such, more so a favourite style of tattooing. My all time favourite is fine line illustration pieces.


5. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever had?

Haha once I had a quirky elderly gentleman ask for a topless pin-up style girl on his chest… he wanted her nipple to be his nipple if that makes sense. Very entertaining concept!

6. My mum had her first tattoo when she was 75, how old is the oldest person you have ever tattooed?

If my memory serves me correctly, the oldest person I have tattooed was 82 years old. It’s never to late!


7. What would you say to people thinking about getting their first tattoo but don’t know where or how to start?

First and foremost, do your research!! Google, Instagram and Facebook are your best friends. Finding an artist who’s work you love and you feel comfortable with is very very important. Once you find the right artist for you its easy peasy from there.

8. What questions should people be asking their tattooist?

If you haven’t already seen examples of the artists work I would definitely ask to see their portfolio – most tattooists have their work online these days so more often than not you will be pointed towards their Instagram or website. Also make sure you have a thorough understanding of the aftercare procedures! Your artist will go through this with you, but if there is anything you don’t quite understand always ask. Aftercare in very important.


9. What should people be looking out for in a tattoo studio?

I think clean and tidy goes without saying; hygiene is super important! Also make sure its an atmosphere you feel comfortable and relaxed in because chances are you may be spending quite a bit of time there.

10. Finally, what are tattoo absolute no-nos?

I’m sure every tattoo artist has their own list, but for me these are two of my biggest pet peeves. First one would be people not taking on board or following the aftercare instructions they are given. Getting a great tattoo is only half the process. If you don’t look after your new ink with the right aftercare its game over! Another big NO-NO is NO-SHOWS! If you cant make it to your appointment let your artist know as far in advance as possible. Please and thank you.

UPDATE: Here’s my gorgeous new ink… she was about 1/10 on the pain scale, pretty much healed overnight thanks to the feather light touch and delicate fine lines. And I love her!!!


For an as-it-happens tattoo with Jessica Joy, join me and watch my Instastory from 2pm this Sunday 19 August on @nzgirlhq and @thebellaedit. Or email her at Jessica Joy Milner: alt.ink.jess@gmail.com and start your tattoo journey!

Find Jessica Joy on Instagram here and Facebook here




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