#FASHIONFIX: Eskimo Nell Salutes Badass Mums Everywhere!

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Eskimo Nell – known for giving the finger to patriarchy here – have done it again, this time creating whole collection dedicated to all the Mamas our there busting their asses to raise the next generation of humans – hell, busting their ass just to get through the day!

Eskimo Nell say: “We see you and we salute you!”


If there’s one thing that gets the Mama- Power duo behind Eskimo Nell all fired up it’s the chance to celebrate the women taking on the most challenging, incredible, bat-shit crazy job in the universe – Motherhood!


So to celebrate Mother’s Day Eskimo Nell have launched a new collection – ‘More than a Mama’, saying:

We want to celebrate being a Mama but remembering that we are MORE THAN A MAMA! That to truly be the best Mum we need to find our way back to ourselves and not get lost in the piles of washing, the soggy nappies and the mum-bum-sweatpant combo!
To remind all Mamas that They’ve Got This, to pay homage to the Girl Gangs that keep us sane and to say loud and proud that the newborn phase of Milk Drinks / Zero Winks can be HAWT!


The gals would love to tell you more about their brand and their awesome new range, so visit them on Instagram here or Facebook here or and of course, the website here.




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